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Friday, September 15, 2017

Shitty Job - Good People

Today was more like a Friday the 13th. Everything just seemed to go wrong. It's difficult to do the job you're expected to do when your tools/computers, are outdated or worse, not functioning (again!).

I've worked almost as many jobs as Kim Kardashian has taken selfies.

One thing never, ever changes: the people you work with can make the difference from hanging in there to wanting to hang yourself (this is not a cry for help, it's only a joke). 

You know that saying "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ? That's bullshit. No matter how confident or self assured or patient you are, there are some people (or situations) that can and will get under your skin. You are human, after all. If nothing or no-one ever bothered you, you'd be a robot.

But when you work with people with a sense of humor, when co-workers are caring, (but mostly have a sense of humor) - it's so much easier to hang in there and not bolt to the liquor store on your break instead of AFTER your shift.

There are just some people you click with, and some people who will dislike you no matter what you do. 

In every job I've ever had, I've been lucky enough to know that if certain people were working, no matter what happened, no matter how crazy the day, we'd get through it with eye rolls and when one of us was at the breaking point, the other person would make a joke or help without asking.

If I could only give one piece of advice to my kids (which is like asking Kim Kardashian to only take ONE selfie a week) - it would be that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent your attitude. Be optimistic, try to see the humor.

Try to be that co-worker that will provoke a grin instead of a grimace when they see you are on their shift.  And know that you will not be everyone's can of Red Bull and that's okay too.

I've been so blessed to have worked with so many really good people who made shitty days good and shitty jobs fun. 

Team work with loyalty and humor does make the dream work!

PS - if you're a manager or boss - know that rewarding good work and not punishing everyone for one persons mistake will keep your employees happy which will keep your customers happy.



Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I Might Have (had) Fake Boobs But Milo Taught Me About Real Character

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My Amazon Review of Dangerous - by Milo 

I am an almost 50 year old woman who recently had my fake boobs deflated because they are causing all sorts of health problems.
I was under the spell of society and culture when I decided to enhance my figure (empowering myself as a woman!). I have realized that the “spell” of society and culture is more like a curse. It is a toxic toxic influence and things that should be common sense are spun until they make perfect sense to a brain that has been paused. I’m so very different from Milo, and yet…
I love Milo.
I am not religious, though very much (lately) believe in virtue – and that we should aspire to live up to our potential to create, to learn, to inform, to protect, to nurture.
And we can have fun doing all of that without being overtly sexual, party animals.
So, it’s odd that I have huge amount of respect for Milo, because Milo is an overtly sexual party animal (and I worry it will be his unraveling – the only person who gains in the habit of vice is the person doling out the “good time.”)
ANYWAY. Milo’s “crime” that got him kicked out of Breitbart and dumped by his publisher is really really such BS.
If Michael Moore would have uttered those words (while eating a ham hoagie from a trough – and what ever happened to those Syrian refuges he promised he would share his home with? Hmmmm) he would have been given angel wings (if they were made of coal, the steel factories would be in business for 10 years AT LEAST trying to create such monstrous attachments).
I was once a member of Amazon’s Vine reviewers. Milo’s bravery in the face of such hate during his college speeches made me finally stand up to all the Liberal Loonies posting in the Vine forum. I knew this would probably get me kicked out, as they circle their clown cars and send letters of complaint about me to the powers that be. I was then kicked out.
I believe there are liberal forces at work on Amazon (as well as Google, FB, of COURSE Twitter) and we must follow Milo’s lead and speak when and where we can (although we can’t all be as dazzling).
I bought this book as a HUGGEEE f to the cucks, the bunts, the elite, the commies, and the mentally insane libs.
I never donate to causes. But I’d love to see this book get to number one and stay and number one and hope his publisher who ditched him weeps into their gluten free, vegan, made by radical muszzy, granola.
I’m radically different than Milo, yet I admire and respect his common sense, his passion for freedom, and his courage.
Make. This. Book. HUGGGEEEE.
Thanks Milo.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deflating My Fake Boobs

Yesterday, May 31, I intentionally went to a plastic surgeon and had my fake, saline, toxic boobs punctured in order to deflate them, and later to remove the implant (and possibly the capsules).
It is almost 10 (2007) years since I had them “put in” and I know when people do things the regret, they often say, “I don’t know what I was thinking at the time!”
But I do know what I was thinking.
It is human nature for us to aspire. I’ve come to learn that there are 4 things that we aspire toward: we aspire to be better, to belong, to believe, and to be someone.
For me, getting fake boobs was aspiring to get some of my youth back. To be “better.” And to belong to the “sexy” group.  I was influenced at the time by all the fake famous boobs in our culture. Bay Watch, Carmen Electra, that Spice Girl married to that Soccer Star. Even a few of my friends had gotten boob jobs.
After three kids, my once perky little “C”/big “B” cups were droopy.
After I’d gone to a nudist beach (so boring, a lot of old people and families with kids! It was horrifying), I remember one of the people I’d gone with had mentioned to another friend that I had droopy boobs.
Well, this stuck with me and I was forever wearing pushup bras and very self-conscious and tried to never get caught with my bra off.
How crazy that I put so much emphasis on my breasts, right? But all you have to do is pick up any magazine or watch any show or work around guys or walk into a mechanics shop or listen as the world eagerly anticipates the drop of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. “Who will be the cover model?” everyone asks– when really, no one cares, they just want to see perky boobs and perky bums – women that look like they are 15 (or perhaps, 13 as sexy seems to have gotten younger).
Then you’ve got the liberals and feminists and Cosmopolitan magazine articles saying beauty doesn’t really matter (and yet, those same liberals/fems/CosmoArticles are the producers, directors, writers, putting the money behind the sexy actresses and models).  Add in a president cheating on his wife with a young busty intern.
It’s all so contradictory!
On the one hand I’m told be confident of my body, no matter what, and on the other hand, I’m given the message, if you want to be loved, admired, gotta aspire to have boobs that smile at the world, not the sidewalk.
When I had the opportunity to have a boob job in 2007, I researched it. It was safe. I knew saline was not meant to last more than ten years (though I’d read articles that some women never changed them.) I was certainly not told about the possibility of Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (also known as BIA-ALCL) Though the medical community was aware of this, it was not being talked about. And never did I even stop to consider that the way they would implant my boobs (through my armpit!) might damage the lymph nodes. I was going to a very well respected plastic surgeon (who my friend had used) and he didn’t mention it. Though, you would think as a paramedic, I might have thought about it. You would think even if I had not been a paramedic, it would just be common sense!
Here is the thing that plastic surgeons mention, but they don’t really discuss. When something (anything) is placed in your body, your body says, “Wait a minute. One of these things is not like the other and does not belong here!” And your body, miracle that it is, will being to form scare tissue around that object trying to wall it off from healthy organs. It then becomes what it known as a “capsule” around a breast implant. And even though I had saline, the shell is made of silicone. Silicone that is considered a bio-hazard.
Some ladies are fortunate in that their bodies ‘lean into’ the implants. They don’t form very hard capsules. But if you do a google search for capsule contraction surgery on youtube, you will see (very gross!) capsules that are like cement. Some that are like layers upon layers of calcium.
I knew none of this 10 years ago.
And I went and got REALLY HUGE BOOBS because two doctors tried to tell me I needed a lift and implants, but the last doctor said if he just filled the implants really large, it would be like getting a lift AND implants and I’d be fuller and much perkier!
The picture I posted in this article is of my breasts before they were deflated. Notice how thin my neck is? I have been heavy, medium, and thin depending on different stages of my life.  But I have small wrists, small neck, and my body frame is meant to be thin/fit. When I added those huge melons, it just made everything out of whack. For the first year after getting the boobs, I actually gained weight so I looked more proportionate.
But those fake boobs would end up teaching me a-lot about myself, about our culture, and about doctors and medicine, and hysterical women, and women (and men) who would help each other sight unseen, simply because they shared a common bond of boobs.
To Be Continued!