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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Goodbye Laura Freed video

It's a long video. It's a long story. I'm out of practice with trying to get my points across - both in writing and on video. Sorry!

Goodbye Laura Freed

Hi everyone - unfortunately, my ex-husband got in trouble from his employer for a post I posted on FB (that they had removed, but if anyone has a screenshot of it, please email me). I'm going to be deactivating my account since Facebook won't allow me to change name w/o identification (yet you can vote w/o ID, but whatever, right?). I kept my ex's name because my daughter was young when we divorced. I have been Laura Freed 22 years! And also, it was the easiest, shortest name I'd ever had. I've used Pen Names in the past and got grilled for 'not being who I am.'. So. If you ever wonder what I'm doing or writing; - I tried to pick a name that is easy to remember. And if the Abington Police try to shut that down, also, I'll figure out something new. (PS, Abington, my ex has told me NOTHING and the fact you even questioned a dedicated employee gives me great pause as to your integrity.) I'm looking for a new name. Also NOT taking my current husbands name because 1) who thought it would last (!!), 2) I'm afraid to jinx it now, #) it's long, 4)it's common, and if I have to start again, I'm going to pick one name, put ALL of my books under that name, and go from there. Sorry to any family who are embarrassed by me. I've tried to remain under the radar for awhile now, non-confrontational, and post only positive crap. It has only taught me that being quiet is good for harmony, however, when you point out anything that gives you pause or try to show a different side of things, you get crapped on. Be honest everyone says. Be yourself. Had I posted on the Abington Police page with a fake name, maybe they wouldn't have freaked out. Good lesson to everyone. Also, Abington Police, let's not forget I came up with the idea for/held a fundraiser because you had to buy your bullet proof vests at one time - and after the public found out they changed the POLICY and they are PAID FOR NOW. You're WELCOME.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Why I'm Not Leaving Facebook or Twitter

 I'm not leaving Facebook (or Twitter) even though they are very frustrating to me, but for a different reason than most people.

Why I dislike Twitter and FB Google and Youtube is because they do discriminate and try to influence politically. However, the people they haven't banned or flagged unjustly (Kathy Griffin stands with a bloody head of Trump and remains on Twitter. Milo is mildly suggestive (not even a quarter as politically incorrect as rap stars, sports stars, and leftist) and he is banned.  

However, Twitter, for me, is a great resource in news as it happens BEFORE any major outlets are reporting. Often there will be authentic tweets from people who are live at the scene unwittingly. But you have to also be aware that there are sometimes people planted specifically to make a scene appear worse than it is or who have planned the "spontaneous event." 

Twitter often elevates events they want featured, but Facebook is the real villain here when it comes to controlling the news you see.

I've found many people I wouldn't have found without these social media outlets. Andrew Breitbart, Dave Rubin, Milo, Rich Zeoli, Dr. Jordan Peterson (to name a few).

Facebook keeps me connected with friends and family I don't see because (I hate driving, my party days are mostly behind me, and also, I hate driving).

Social media keeps me connected with small towns around me who have accounts because I don't read the newspapers any longer because they too, are political in nature and seldom give both sides of the story.


A) If you're leaving Facebook because you're concerned about them using your info, then do not shop at Giant Grocery, Wegmans, Amazon, or any corporate retail place. Do not use a credit card. And do not use a bank (so far, my credit union seems to be keeping my info private).

B) Believe half of what you see from people you don't know. And 75% from people you do know. Not everyone's life is perfect all the time, and the 75% complainers probably have little outlet or like the attention from complaining (headache today, runny nose, can't sleep, pot holes).

I respect when people elect not to shop until a company changes or if they don't agree with company values.

But I also know if all dissenting voices leave - then there really is no "free speech" and it will be more difficult to see all sides and make rational choices (which is what I do when I read facebooks 'trending' news and compare it with a variety of news outlets).

I've been censored by Twitter and one time I was tossed off facebook. I have, at times, allowed the left voices to censor my speech. And it's frustrating. I haven't been altogether banned yet, and sometimes I waver about "what" and "if" I'm ever banned.

Because I do believe it is up to the business to choose who they do business with. However, what is disturbing to me is that these social media CEO's preach tolerance and diversity, but they don't practice it.

For me, trust is the biggest issue facing our country; if you can't trust anyone to be who they say they are, then there is no freedom to pursue a career, a talent, a lifestyle. Without trust, you'll constantly be looking over your shoulder, worried, anxious. Life is chaotic enough with natural disasters and sickness. There needs to be basic rules and they should be followed, not followed selectively.

And that is why I'm not giving up on social media.
I may be dingy or have many 'blonde moments' but I did recognize that being on the internet met being "exposed."

I just never thought I'd be vilified for having a 'wrong' or 'different' opinion by the very people that claimed to be in favor of diversity and freedom.