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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living in a Drama Free Zone - Or - Bullshit Does Not Pass Go

Is it unrealistic to desire a drama free life?
I strive to cut out as much bullshit as I can. People who are continually negative and whine about the crappy cards they were dealt don't last long in my life.
Even if they have been life long friends - I'm sorry. I'll try to help for a while - I'll give them self help books, listen to them complain, offer helpful suggestions, but I can only take so much.
My life had been one long drama until 2005 - and the one thing I take pride in - is taking responsibility for the situations I found myself in (ie: bad choices in men - and there were FAR TOO MANY).
But when I finally turned it all around, I vowed to never, ever, allow drama of any kind (work, friends, family, boyfriend) to latch on to me and drag me down.
Somehow, it seems, drama has a way of finding me.
I guess it's to be expected. I mean, life is not one continual happy dance. I understand that life is full of daily little dramas - the car won't start before an important meeting, a job offer falls through, a tooth aches, a dog dies, a friend moves away.
I can deal with life dramas - those are too be expected.
But it's personal bullshit drama - people that continue to make bad choice after bad choice after bad choice - people that continue to wallow in unhappiness and make excuse after excuse after excuse.
Where the drama free zone gets a little blurry is when you have an ideal situation (we'll say work - though it could just as easily be family) that is fraught with drama.
You might love most aspects of your job - but what happens when the boss has no business sense or has an out of control personal life that is ruining the business?
For me, I guess, I always try to last as long as possible. But when the situation is the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I worry about when I wake up, I know that all the money & perks in the world can't keep me there any longer.
The thing is, drama is inevitable; it's part of the nature of life. Everything we need to know about life we can find by looking at nature: There will be droughts, there will be green pastures, there will be hurricanes, there will be snowstorms. And it's hard to be strong and weather nature's storms, when our attention is constantly being focused on people who knowingly drive on the roads during blizzards, or swim in the ocean despite the black funnel cloud overhead.
And sometimes, the only way to help people who are continual victims of their own doing, is to not throw out the life vest when they are bobbing, yet again, in a sea of excuses and bad choices.
It is possible to live in a No Drama Zone - but it takes courage and moxie to walk away from those people buried under tons of personal baggage.
Just like I make sure I never waste the leftover cookie dough in the bowl or alcohol on the table, I don't waste precious moments of my life on people who continue to hang on to the negatives and the self defeatist attitudes.
I live in a Drama Free Zone - so pack up your excuses and move on - the bullshit does not pass go on my Monopoly Board.

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