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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Puppy Dog Promise!

This is Thor and Diablo.
Thor is a police dog. Getting on in age, yet he still wants to play.
Diablo is like the kid in school who likes to show off his new basketball but won't let anyone play with it.

I've been thinking if we got a puppy, it would put some pep into Thor's step.

John's been thinking I'm crazy.

The co-author of Fleeing Famous has a chocolate lab named Bob. Bob is loving, playful, the sweetest guy on earth. I want a Bob. I think a Bob would re-energize Thor. And Diablo - well, I doubt he'll change his ways, but you never know.

Jokingly, I said to John, "Hey, if Fleeing Famous makes it to #1 on Amazon,  could get a chocolate lab?"

He said, "Sure."

He didn't even hesitate. And at first, I was thrilled! He said YES! And he is a man of his word, one of the many things I love about him (that he still opens the car door for me 4 years later is another thing).

BUT then, I realized....waiiiiittttttttttttttttttt a minute. He doesn't think I'll actually make it to the #1 spot! BAH!!!

So, I'm hoping to prove him wrong and appealing for some help. If you can spare .99cents and have either a Kindle or cell phone with a Kindle App (you can download it for free) - please consider helping give a dog a new home.

Please click here to help!

This guy could be in our future family:

I thank you. My daughter thanks you. Thor thanks you. Diablo and John probably do not thank you.