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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5. Belly Fat Cure. Almost Lost It.

Oscar Grouch cupcake from Wegmans. Fit my mood!
Holy Crap. Though it is very easy to keep track of your carbs/sugar if you're eating something simple and can read the label, it's not so easy if you're a baker and create your own food. While I think it's great to keep a journal of what you eat, I've almost become fanatical.
I set out to find out just how many carbs/calories/sugar grams were in my BBCChip mini muffins and discovered 2 great sites that can help you do just that.
Spark People's Recipe Calculator AND the Fat Secret Calculator. You can use Fat Secret to look up common nutritional values (say a 1/2 cup of canola oil) and then input that into the Spark People recipe calculator along with the other ingredients and servings and magically - there is a break down of your how many calories/carbs/sugar grams are in one serving of your fabulous muffins/cookies/cakes.
Today I was wondering - GEEZ- is all this WORTH it! And when we went to Wegmans and all I had was the salad from the salad bar (which is FABULOUS) all the while freaking dying from the yeasty sweet smell of bread baking drove me bonkers, I was like, IS THIS WORTH IT.
But yes, it's worth it. It's all a learning process. I'm curious and it's kinda cool to figure out things on my own - what might be in my body's best interest. I'm becoming way more aware and finding alternatives (fresh lime juice freaking ROCKS on chicken/tortilla meals).
On the way home from Wegmans and now, a few hours later, I have a ton of energy. Had I had the fried chicken from the hot bar or a steaming hot roll slathered in butter, no doubt I'd feel sluggish. So, there are trade offs. And geez, we're only talking a few days after the holidays. It's not like I've been living on Survivor Island for 32 days!
Breakfast - 2 mini BBCChip muffins (I'm not proud of this, but WTH)
Lunch/Dinner - Salad of Spinach/bacon/fresh Parmesan cheese/cuccumbers and this awesome broccoli bacon salad.
Dessert - a nice night cap of Vodka and Diet Cranberry Gingerale:>)

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