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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - A Year of Fitness/Diet Experiments (but we'll still have bacon!)

Okay. So. My "Birthday Fitness Blitz" got me thinking - there are so many 'diets' and they all seem to have valid points. No Flour! No Sugar! Carbs are your friend (if you keep them in check) - No Wheat Products (our bodies were not made to digest wheat..) WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?
OMG. Info overload.
But. I was intrigued as I roamed the Health/Fitness Aisle of Barnes and Noble. Everyone seemed to have the answer. Everyone seemed to be sure of the "cure" - the one thing we all need to feel indestructible and more importantly, nothing tastes as good as THIN feels (uh, not to offend, but I do believe nothing tastes as good as thin feels - with the exception of bacon, martini's, home made bread slathered generously with butter, and Red Velvet Cake).
So, being the curious, quizzical, 1 Quirky Girl that I am, I decided to spend the year trying out 'diet' plans.
Every month I'll try out a different diet plan and different workout routine.
I discovered during my birthday fitness blitz that keeping a daily log really kept me honest and made me stick to the plan.
So, if this helps other people decide what might work for them, great. If not, it will still be helpful for ME to keep track of my progress.
Basically, I'm just curious. Are all these "diets" just marketing schemes designed to  make the author rich...or is there truly something worthwhile?
And this month, January 2011, I'll be testing Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat!
Mostly because I can drink wine on this plan.
Other than that, it seems very user friendly and sooo easy. Basically it comes down to this: 15 grams of sugar and 6 grams of carbs per day. The carb scale works out to be: 5-20 carbs per serving = 1 carb. 21-40 = 2 carb servings. 42-60 carbs = 3 servings.

Sugar grams are whatever is stated on the food. Example: the corn tortillas I ate today had 2 grams of sugar per serving - I had 2 tortillas - which equal 4 grams of sugar. According to Jorge, you can lose weight w/o exercising , but actually, I like the rush of endorphins I get after hitting the treadmill or weights, so I'm also going to be testing a workout plan, and for the next 10 weeks, it will be IMPACT mostly because I read about it in the Men's Health magazine I stole from Snap Fitness in Lansdale and it seemed doable.
Every night, I will log what I ate, exercise attempted, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and how I feel. At the end of the month I'll wrap it up with positives/negatives and the end result.
And so today - 1/1/11 -
Lunch/Breakfast (because I slept's New Years Day, Bitches!) - 2 corn tortillas with rotisserie chicken, guacamole and spinach. 3 carbs 3 grams of sugar. Dinner 2 Scrambled eggs/orange peppers/ no carbs/no sugar. Dessert :>))) 2 glasses of White Wine (Hey, I didn't drink on New Years Eve!!!) - 2 carbs 2 grams of sugar.
Exercise - 70 minutes of dog walking (IMPACT begins on Monday 1/3).

Staring weight 134. Yes. I gained back almost (almost!!!) all of the weight I lost after my birthday fitness blitz!

Here's to a great New Year! And Bacon!

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