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Friday, January 28, 2011

Put Some Flair in Your Hair! AKA: Ohhh, Sparkly!!!

So, watching Oprah today (even though I say I am not a fan of the show, I do find myself watching it and being entertained) - there was a prior Oprah guest - Trina Marr, who was talking about how her husband cheated on her because she gained 55 pounds after they married. And since that show aired, she divorced him, lost weight, and freed herself to be herself. She looked fabulous, but I couldn't stop staring at the strands of sparkles that were woven into her golden hair. I was mesmerized. And so, apparently, was Oprah. She finally asked Trina about it and Trina said, "It's Hair Flair and I am part owner of the company!"
The link for ordering is here -
There are many different colors, of course, you know I'll be ordering PINK, and you get a 100 strands for 10 bucks. And you get free shipping (if you're in the USA)!
Of course, the message of WHY she was on Oprah was not lost on me - here was a woman who shook herself off, took like by the lapels, freed herself to be herself, and now is taking the world one sparkle at a time.


  1. So she wasn't really on Oprah to talk about her 55-lb divorce now was she?

  2. Yes, I think she was. Oprah was the one who reached out to previous guests, and I thought she had a compelling story of how she quit being a victim (of her own making) and grabbed life by the lapels. She'd have been a fool not to take the opportunity to market her company.

  3. Besides, she didn't bring up her hair flair, Oprah did. Trina didn't even mention them - but they were noticeable and beautiful I thought.