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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FTD - Floral Thieving Douchebags

Oh, isn't that a spectacular flower arrangement? Doesn't it make you feel happy? That is what I THOUGHT I was sending my mom when I used FTD.COM.
Now, I've never used FTD before. Usually I use 1 800 Flowers, but when I browsed online, I just didn't see anything that seemed right for my mom. I was sending her flowers as both a congrats and a good luck. So, I searched other websites and when I found "Sweet Splendor" by FTD, it was PERFECT!
Well, a big snowstorm hit Denver on the day of delivery (I was in PA, enjoying a snow free, albeit windy day). I called the 800 Customer service number to make sure they could/would be delievered, and if not, to make other arrangements.
Well. That was an omen.
Though the customer service rep was quite friendly, I couldn't understand a word he was saying. It took at least 20 minutes to finally be told that "FTD can not tell me a time, but does guarantee me it will be delivered on the date it was scheduled for." I don't think the service rep I spoke with even knew where Denver was.
So, then, a few hours later,  I get a text from my mom that the flowers are beautiful!
Then, my daughter, who works with my mother, texts me a picture of the flowers.
Hello! I would have NEVER EVER picked an arrangement like that in a million years. Oh, and then, to make matters worse, I texted: "What about the vase?"
Daughter texts back: "It's the same, but red."
Oh. My. God. It must look horrid. What are these people, color blind?
But I know my mom. She is thrilled just because she got flowers. She would roll her eyes if I complained about the fact that they look NOTHING like what I bought.
However. She is in Denver. I am half way across the country. She can no longer ground me. I won't be able to see her eye rolling.
So. Let me say this: I. AM. Pissed.
I searched 3 other online florists. I put thought behind this. I paid good money (even UPGRADED to the larger arrangement!) and I should expect that what I paid for would resemble what would be sent out.
I called customer service (again). And this time, had an English speaking rep who was very kind. She offered to have the florist re-deliver another arrangement.
Uh. No.
There's a snowstorm in Denver. I hate the thought of a delivery driver making that hike again. And my mom would be mortified to know that I complained. I suspect it's not the florist's fault. If they had the right flowers and vase, I'm sure they would have replicated what I bought. At least, I hope they would have.
After I got off the phone to customer service, I recieved an email from FTD stating they were sorry I had an A-Typical experience and REST ASSURED, all future orders will be filled with the special care and attention that they deserve.
Um. Hello? If you can't fill the very FIRST ORDER I've ever placed with FTD using special care and attention, then why on earth would I use FTD again?
Lesson learned.
When John was "courting" me - he sent me flowers occasionally. (now he just buys them at Wegman's - but I'm just as thrilled, believe me!) They were always fabulous. And he always used 1 - 800- Flowers.
Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you're thinking about sending flowers - I hope my frustrating experience will help you to make the right choice.
Screw flowers. Just send wine.


  1. I have had a similar bad experience with FTD customer service, my problem being that I wanted to send an arrangement to Canada. FTD was really my only choice because no other US company offered the option, but they would only let me choose from a few arrangements (all of which were larger and more expensive). I tried contacting them about it, and all I got was a standard apology email. I scrolled down to the bottom expecting an apology discount offer, but came up empty-handed. They were sorry, but not THAT sorry.

  2. FTD is the Worst! I ordered a plant for my husbands office for Valentines Day this year. The plant arrived Feb 15th instead?! When I called to complain (after 25 minutes on hold) they said they could only give me 20% off. Then after waiting another 10 to speak to a manager was told I could get a coupon worth $10 off my next FTD purchase. What the ?! They finally agreed to give me a refund - then went to my husbands office for the second time today and took the plant back!! Seriously. I will NEVER use FTD again.

  3. Unreal! I'm sorry for your bad experience(s). I'll keep spreading the word - companies need to learn that customer service is just as important (if not MORE important) than the product itself!