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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Says Teenagers Aren't Fabulous!

So, I went to the Dollar Tree in New Britain, hoping to buy a boatload of the Happy Dancing Flowers, but, ah, it was not to be.
Seems those little suckers were gone in a matter of hours. They went through 2 shipments. All over Bucks County, Happy Dancing Flowers are, well, dancing on windowsills.
While I was browsing around (it really is a FABULOUSLY clean, bright, store filled with awesomeness) - I kept hearing the cashier talk with customers, making them laugh, and it seemed like she was having fun.
When it came time to check out, I realized she was a teenager.
Most teenagers that work in retail barely make eye contact, let alone engage in conversation. Not Carissa though - she was a sweetheart who was making the most of her days in the check out line at the Dollar Tree.
Few people exist like Carissa (or, perhaps I just don't shop in the places where they do exist) - but I know that people like her - bubbly, upbeat, outgoing - those types of people always seem to do well, no matter what they do in life.
Maybe it's because people can't help but smiling back at them.
Carissa is like the living breathing version of the dancing happy flower - and if she ever reads this, I know she'll probably be mortified (as teenagers often are when any adult acknowledges them, but then again, we all know I'm not REALLY an adult). But I want her, and other upbeat teenagers to know that, though we may not say it, your positive attitude is infectious, and we really appreciate it!
And the fabulous Dollar Tree is located at:
426 Town Ctr
New Britain, PA 18901-6001
(215) 348-4235

**There's also a fabulous thrift center called "Full Circle" - on Thursdays - all womens clothing is 1/2 off. You can find a few really great pieces. I often get compliments on my outfits and people are shocked when I tell them I bought them at the thrift store! And ALL proceeds go towards victims of domestic abuse! To learn more, here's my Yelp review:

****I just realized I really overused the word Fabulous. But, suck it, because I am a fan of fabulous!


  1. *like* Happy people make all the difference in the world.

  2. I love it when a fabulous person is recognized for their fabulosity. Good on you.