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Thursday, April 7, 2011

PSC Highpoint Gym, My Bikini, and Yukon Gold Spring Rolls

5 years ago. I will wear this bikini again by July!

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 I joined Philadelphia Sports Clubs  at Highpoint on Wednesday.
I'd been a member there 2 years ago and had loved it until they messed w/ their TV system. For awhile, I lost Food Network, Bravo, and all my favorite channels that kept me on those damn cardio machines. I HATE cardio. What I loved about PSC Highpoint was the fact each cardio machine had it's own TV, so you could watch whatever. Most clubs I've been to have large screens (they have those too!) but you have to watch whatever the TV's are set on. It was one of the things I hated about Planet Fitness.
Now, we dropped our cable at home. The price was outrageous! And I thought I could get more writing done w/out the distraction of cable.  OMG. I was sooooooooooooooooo wrong. I seriously miss it. I miss Food Network and Bravo and HGTV and the Travel Channel. Mr. Stiffy does not miss cable at all (yay for him).
So, I thought about rejoining a gym and PSC Highpoint had a 30$ for 30$ trial period. So, I joined on April 6th.
The TV's now play most of my favorite channels.
Yesterday, I worked out twice! I watched Food Network for an hour in the morning and then went back to later that night b/c there was a repeat of The Housewives of NJ on (and I haven't seen the new season, obviously).
I also lifted - chest and triceps.
I felt fabulous, if a bit sore, last night and this morning - and couldn't wait to go back in the morning and watch Morning Joe! Which I did.
potato spring rolls
Is it cheesy that I am inspired to work out so I can get my cable TV fix.
Who cares? As long as I'm getting in shape, I don't give a crap.
Tuesday we went out to eat and I had sloppy joe mac n cheese AND these awesome yukon gold cheesy spring rolls. And of course, Monday, we ate at Wegmans and I had 2 asiago & artichoke croquettes that are sooooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic but I looked up the calorie content when I got home and they have 320 calories apiece and 53 CARBS apiece - HOLY COW!
And if cable gets me to the gym, I say; whatever works!


  1. yoda best, Laura. drew me in off of twitter with that "bikini promise" :)

  2. Haha! I thought it was potato spring rolls!