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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chambers 19 - Sunday Brunch - There Will Be Breakfast. It Will Be Awesome.

This is a review for Sunday Brunch only at Chambers 19 in Doylestown, Pa. One of my friends is a fan of Chambers brunch and often posts on his Facebook about it, so last Sunday we decided to try it. Of course, I totally forgot that Sunday was MOTHERS DAY. I called around 8:30 a.m. to make reservations and though they were booked, they kindly squeezed us in. I've been a hostess at a busy restaurant and when people called for reservations at the last minute - it was always hard to keep sarcasm out of my voice, "It's Valentines Day and you want a reservation for 2 in 20 minutes??? HAAAAHAAAHAAA!" But the gentlemen who helped me on the phone was very polite. It wasn't until AFTER I got off the phone I realized it was Mother's Day. We arrived a bit early but the guy at the host stand (probably the same guy who answered the phone) - was awesome and sat us w/in 10 minutes.
Normally, brunch is only 9.99 - I mean seriously - how awesome is that???!!!! Because it was Mother's Day - it was 13.00.
Still - A BARGAIN!!
These are just SOME things that were available:
Donuts, mini scones, bagels, toast, cream cheese, jellies, veggie quiche (awesome!), a yummy dish that was like bread pudding minus the pudding -tasted like little cubes of cinnamon rolls (I forget what it was called) - biscuits and cream chipped beef (my first time having this - holy crap- it was awesome!) -  off course, all the usual suspects - eggs/sausage/bacon/ham - and to top it off - an omelet station and a Belgian Waffle station (you can top with whip cream/cherries/blueberries/strawberries). Oh, also, the home fries were awesome. I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyy picky about home fries and I was thrilled with these.
The servers were 2 awesome girls who always checked back with us for  refills.
This is pretty much standard breakfast fare - nothing that would make you want to beg the chef for the recipe- but for the price and the service this is outstanding. The food was constantly being replenished so it was nice and hot.
If you count how many times I wrote the word awesome, I think you'll understand how I really feel about Chambers 19!

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