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Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Best Buy Won Me Back (Hint - His Name Is Jordan)

Soooooooo...I am more a fan of Amazon (free Prime shipping, yo!) than big box stores.
I decided to pop on over to Best Buy, however, to check out some digital cameras that I'd already looked at on Amazon. I wanted to compare them "in real life" before purchasing.
While I was there, I felt this magnetic pull over to the lap tops.
It was as if they were grilling bacon in the computer department and I just couldn't help myself.
I have an Asus Eee netbook (pink, of course!) that is going on 2 years old. It only has GB and no hard drive, but since I was only going to use it for writing, I figured I didn't really need a 'workhorse' - and did I mention it was pink?
Then, right on time, it started acting up - the 2 year itch.
Not to mention I take wayyyyyyyyyyyy more pictures than I realize (thus taking up space).
Long story short - I enter the lap top section and am promptly greeted by Jordan.
Now, I like to browse solo. But I did notice that one of the computers I was looking at (Dell Inspiron) came in pink (and it was on sale) (what can I say? Marketer's live for idiots like me). I asked if they had a pink one. They did. One left.
Jordan seemed nice. So I asked a few more questions. He explained memory to me in such a way, I doubt I'll ever forget it.
Imagine you own a daycare (OhMyGod, I'd have to drink upon waking every morning) and your back yard is 'memory' - then during the day, kids come in and fill up the back yard - those kids are programs running around taking up space. He then went on to use that analogy every time I had a question (even if you uninstall a program, bits and pieces are left behind still taking up room: ie: the kids go home for the night but leave a lunch box and a pillow behind).
Then. I noticed the tablets.
Oh. Man. I wanted one.
Only because everyone else has one and they are cool.
I was torn.
Jordan suggested I could buy both (now, he does not work on commission - he did not need to take time out to listen and explain so throughly because if I bought or didn't buy wasn't in the long run, going to affect his payday) and try them both out. I had 14 days to try the computers and could return them for FULL REFUND.
Whatttttttttttttttt? I have no idea when this policy started but man, that is a keeper!
So, I bought the XooM and the Dell (pink!).
In the end, I returned the XOOM hours after buying it. For all the writing I do - I need something solid. And in all honesty, I just don't think a tablet is on my wish list anymore. It's like a bigger version of my iPhone - more for entertainment than anything.
I absolutely love my new Dell.
And had it not been for Jordan, I probably wouldn't have made any purchase. But he took the time and not only that, really seemed to enjoy his work. He came to America from Jamaica when he was only 17 (and he arrived solo). He is only 19 now, but I've no doubt he will be massively successful. He is grateful to be in America. Most 19 year olds I know are anything but attentive to customers. Jordan has enthusiasm for life, which spill over into his work.
Not only did I leave with a computer, I also left with a reminder that yes, I am blessed that I was born in America. We are given opportunities are it's up to us to make the most of our time.
Thanks to Jordan, Best Buy has won me back!

**this was Best Buy in Airport Square, Montgomeryville

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