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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Martha - the Smiling Sheep from Down Under

I've met some spectacular people in the Amazon Kindle Community.

Carla is hands down, my favorite Aussie Kindler.

She is a Secondary School Instructor in NSW, Australia and has her own website.

I love her because she has a wonderful heart, is as passionate about her Kitchen Aid as I am my Kitchen Aid, and because she continues to be my friend despite my shoddy grammar skills.

I fell in love with her profile picture on Facebook. I mean, I've never seen a sheep smile - but there is no doubt these sheep, especially Martha, is experiencing 'shear' happiness!!! I asked Carla if I could post this picture, because if this picture doesn't make you happy...well, you know my saying.
She sent me the picture along and had a little something to add...
I will be appointing Carla my Australian Czar as soon as I'm sworn into office...


'Aussie' Carla here. All the way from grazing country, rural NSW, Australia - which, in case you haven't been reading Miss Laura's blog regularly (BIG slap on the wrist if you have not ;-) happens to be her second most favourite country in the entire world - after the US of A, of course!

I keep saying to her: "Come visit me here in Australia! You know you want to! We must cook and dance to silly music videos!"

But it looks like I am going to have to wait for her Hose for Happiness campaign to be as successful as I know it will be, and she makes a Presidential visit Down Under.

Which would be kinda cool, when it happens, as we don't get too many visits from leaders of the Free World here on the farm.

Which, I have to say, is a real shame.

I mean, look at this pic (below). There is instant relaxation in these 'ere hills. Fresh grass, singing birds, cuddly animals….

This IS happiness central!

Come on! What is NOT to smile about these happy sheepy faces?


So here's Martha's (left) message to all her (would-be-if-they-knew-her) American fans:

"Chill! Enjoy life! Be Happy!"

Oh, and vote 1 - Laura Freed :-)

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