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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harrison J. Bounel - The Other Obama

Harrison J. Bounel is (possibly) an Obama alias that was discovered connected to his Connecticut SSN, Harrison J. Bounel.  Jerome Corsi dug into this story and as soon as information about this alias began to appear on line, the information was quickly scrubbed from databases, click here for interesting article: "Harrison" joined Facebook and now has over 4100 friends dedicated to ridiculing and exposing Obama and the left.
And Harrison decided to get his story out to the public and wrote The Many Lies of Harrison J. Bounel as told to Peggy Knutson. It's available as an ebook on  LuLu for the astonishing price of 1.99 (soon to be found on Amazon, hopefully!). Of course, at this price, one must think that Harrison is  NOT Obama as he is not charging $$38,000 for the privilege of a glimpse of the King.
What follows in an excerpt:

From The Many Lies Of Harrison J. Bounel:

My Friend,
You ask why I should peek out of the obscurity of the wormhole and
expose myself on a social media site. I ask “Why not?”
The Other One insulates himself in a cocoon of sycophants and
manipulators. The wheels of change have been set in motion and The
Other One can sit back, behind a facade of ennui and weariness, and
watch as the wheels turn. The manipulators will power and steer the
wheels. He merely needs to gently push. His job is to keep his aims and
those of his manipulators hidden.
I, Harrison J. Bounel, was not content to stay hidden. I longed for
friends, like you, who would feed me, challenge me, humor me.
Or perhaps, the wormhole wanted to suck you into its convoluted world
of darkness and secrets. Sometimes the wormhole wants what it wants
I present the following not as fact. Nor as purely fiction. It is for the most
part hearsay, or perhaps, some might say, heresy.
But I am merely a fictional character, a caricature. Or am I? Which
persona is fiction and which is not? Or is the answer something else
entirely? It is not black or white. I can tell you that I am an invention, a
product of fraud and treachery designed to deceive. I choose to present
myself as something other than what I am. I have only promised a
distraction from the workings of the wheels of change. I have never
promised truth.
Truth is relative. It is written on the walls of the wormhole.

In many ways both I, Harrison J. Bounel, and The Other One can claim
Bill Ayers as our father. The Other One is, in whole or part, a product of
Ayers. And I am part of the manufacturing process which produced The
Other One. But that is a relationship, born in the wormhole, which
remains purposely obscured.
Like a father, did Ayers bestow a name on a nameless one? Or at least
a number? The Social Security number, the one I share with The Other
One, was issued in Connecticut in 1977. The former ‘60s radical was
living as a fugitive at that time, in an underground wormhole of his own,
adopting aliases and creating identities. Was 042-68-4425 a spare
number that was never used by the fugitive’s underground network, only
to be found useful in an intersecting wormhole?
There are many secrets and many unanswered (and unasked)
The Other One’s biological father, however, was the mystery I knew my
imaginary friends would want me to reveal.

My Current Employer
Puppet for George Soros

Current Project
New World Order

The Muslim Brotherhood (The Bro's for short) and I are cutting that
uppity Israel down to size - 1967 size.

My Previous Employment
I never had a real job - I was a Community Organizer

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I don't believe in exceptionalism, except, of course, my own.

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