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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Malia Obama In Mexico - Obama Orders Media To Scrub Story

Malia Obama, age 13,  is in Mexico with 12 other friends, and 25 Secret Service Agents.
While she was in Mexico, her mom, was on Letterman, and her father was fundraising.
There are many troubling things about this story, but the most troubling, and most revealing, is that various Media  Outlets first reported the story - AFP, Huffington, the Blaze, and Yahoo, among notable others, and then the story "disappeared" was "scrubbed" from the Internet - proof that the Obama administration is controlling the media - and thus, if media is controlled, aren't people controlled as a by-product?

Of course, there are other reasons to be bothered by this story:

1) Malia was sent to Mexico without parents.
2) The Govt has issued a warning about traveling to Mexico
3) Malia is traveling on tax payer money. No problem with Malia going on vacation, but how about keep tax payer money here, in AMERICA, where the economy sucks due to the incompetent President who would rather golf or hobnob with elite Hollywood than actually do something productive like work.
4) 25 Secret Service agents were sent with Malia - if Obama was that FREAKED OUT about her safety, why send her to Mexico in the first place?

To me, this story shows that yes, Obama is a shitty ass father, but even more than that, he is having the story removed from the Media.

I had feared we were marching, unbeknownst to us, into a Nanny State. The story about Malia in Mexico disappearing has made me realize, we have already arrived.

Of course, after a 7.6 earthquake rocked Mexico - well, that really foiled Obama's attempts at trying to keep the story under wraps, as now people are worried Malia might not be safe.

Glad to know that strangers care more about Malia's safety than her own parents do.

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  1. This article is just plain silly - there isn't an author so I just assume that whoever wrote this is trying to create a tempest in a teapot.