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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Post-It Notes For Freedom! (or how to fight Liberals)

Update: After I wrote this, I discovered Heather Lawvers site: HelloVoter - which is dedicated to getting the word out using PostIt Notes! Please visit and send her pictures of your notes - it's a fabulous site!

Have you ever spotted a NO OBAMA bumper sticker, shirt, or sign while out in the community and felt "YES!!! THANK GOD there are intelligent people like me who realize what Obama and the liberals are doing to destroy the USA!"... Not everyone wants to join a tea party or has the time or money to attend a conference, but here is something all Patriots can do to help wake those sheep for Obama (half of them have NO CLUE that there freedom is rotting away like an apple stuffed in the bottom of the fruit drawer) AND to let other quiet Patriots know - you are NOT ALONE!!! And so, dear friends, please run out to your local store (if you know of any small business owners who are Conservative - try to give them as much biz as you can!)and pick up some Post-It's and a Sharpie marker. Write short slogans on the Post Its - Can u afford 4 more? NO OBAMA! Obama is for drilling - your wallet! No OBAMA! We want our change back! No Obama. I hope the sheep have realized they made a baaad choice - NO OBAMA 2012! Breitbart Was Here. We Are Breitbart. You get the, post one every where you go! At the gas pump. On a bag of chips at the grocery store. In the bathroom stall at the hockey game... you get the idea! Try to be funny and creative. Have fun doing it.
Please send me a picture of any and all you leave behind (or find!). I'd love to do a follow up story using photos! Let's school the ignorant tools!!!

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