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Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16 - Breitbart in Action - Stick It To Obama

Post It Note Left In Movie Theater
People have started leaving post in notes at Gas Stations (which I do)  all over the country .
I started leaving so many - not just as gas stations, but also at grocery stores, in rest rooms, on signs at the park, that I decided to actually have some notes made up so I wouldn't have to write all the time! There is a website called "Wake Up Friends" that list Obama's short comings, his hypocrisy, and all the promises he's broken  - and I list it on my note - so that those who need any more reasons other than the failing economy can go to one simple website and have all the information they need to make up their mind.
No Obama Business Card
I used  to make up my post it notes - one word of advice if you decide to do this - don't pay for extra for fast shipping.  is usually quite fast when just purchasing regular shipping - I always receive my order in less than 7 days (usually 3-4 business days). I also had free business cards made up (only paid for shipping) and leave these behind where ever I go -tuck them in books/magazines - open newspaper boxes and tuck them in each newspaper - you get the idea! The total order for 3 post it note pads, 200 business cards, )and I created my own bumper sticker too) - was 21.37. For me, there is no price I wouldn't pay to get America back on its feet again and into the hands of someone who reveres the Constitution and who will work for the people!

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America.
Do it for Breitbart!