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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 21 - Breitbart In Action - How To Junk Mail To Your Advantage

Yesterday I received a "special offer" from the Philadelphia Inquirer - the newspaper has had financial problems and was just sold. You know why it has financial problems? Because like so many newspapers - it's liberally biased. We stopped reading it years ago - when they couldn't stop drooling over Obama.
So I responded to their generous offer of a 1.00 a week subscription - and told them why no one reads their paper anymore - and then I stuffed a "No Obama 2012" card into the envelope and mailed it off (in their prepaid envelope).
Which game me the idea - HELLO!- Take all those ridiculous offers you receive in the mail, write a note about how Obama is pushing America into decline (or whatever your sticking point is - the deficit? Unemployment? Gas prices? Taxes?) and send it back! Could you imagine if everyone started doing this?
I'm looking forward to my junk mail now!
Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart!