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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 28 - Breitbart In Action - Patriotize Your Hobby

Walking around an outdoor flea market the other day, I was struck by what it was lacking - a vendor selling only Patriotic goods.
I've mentioned before I live in an area that is yuippe - "yuppie + hippe" - and the Obama/Biden bumper stickers outnumber No Obama bumper stickers (I hope to change that!).
There is no place I know around my area where I can go and purchase a NO OBAMA sticker/t-shirt/merchandise.
I'm considering setting up my own booth at the flea market to sell these types of items - and it really got me to thinking how one could not only help spread Patriotism but also make some money while doing so.
Do you make pillows? Purses? Jewelry? Signs? Shoes (I would love to find some red/white/blue boots or better yet, heels!).
It's so easy to open a store on and sell online. You can join a flea market in your area or ask local craft stores to sell your merchandise.
I really believe that the bus Obama has thrown us under is waking up more and more Patriots. I believe we are entering a new wave of Patriotism and what better way to show that we are United and Proud and we WILL not be silenced than using a hobby to prove we are all lions for liberty and we will not bend nor break no matter how hard Obama tries.

If you do (or perhaps you already have a small business or know someone who does) decide to use your hobby to create Patriot Proud wear or jewelry or lamps get the picture - please let me know and I'd be more than happy to provide a link for you on my website!

Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart.