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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 - Breitbart in Action - Talk to Kids

 My parents never talked about politics when I was growing up.
I never talked politics to my kids...until  now.
I was shocked to learn that my daughter, in Junior High, was giving a test in Social Studies to determine if she was Democrat or Republican. Turns out, she's Democrat. I asked her best friend if she had taken the test - guess what - she was Democrat! The whole CLASS was Democrat. Of course, because the teacher created the test and portrayed the Democrat party as the most compassionate and caring!
So I make it a point to talk to not only my daughter, but her friends too, about what is happening to this country and how do they feel about it?
But for the simplest, easy demonstration of Democrat V Conservative - I always give this example: "What if  you work really hard all semester and get straight A's on your report card? How would you feel?"
"Then, what if your teacher explained to you that Billy had not worked hard, had played XBOX, and got all F's. The teacher feels it's not fair that someone should succeed while another fails - so she says she's going to split your A's with Billy. That way you'll both get C's and everyone will be even, and it will be fair."
"I would say NO! I worked hard!"
And then I explain that Democrats want to take away from the successful and like to use the word "fair" in order to make other people feel guilty. That one example does more to wake kids up - actually, even when I use it on adults, it suddenly makes sense.
It's important we find out what kids are being taught in schools these days, and it's important that we talk about politics in such a way that kids can relate to it - the earlier we start - the better.

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart