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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9 - Breitbart In Action - Kindle It!

Ever wanted to write a book? Now is your chance.
Liberals have infiltrated movies/TV/books/newspapers/internet for far too long.
It's time we make our voices heard and I'm finding more and more Patriots are starting to do just that.
I've used Amazon and Barnes and Noble to publish books. It's incredibly simple.
I wrote We Are Breitbart on a sleepless caffeine Breitbart inspired period of 24 hours. I had the book written, published, and up for sale in 3 days flat.
I've  noticed more Patriots are doing the same thing and Peggy Knutson was kind enough to send me a free copy of The Many Lies of Harrison J Bounel - I loved it so much, though, I ended up buying it and then gifting it to some friends. At 1.99 - it's a great price point and something I can afford. It's very funny - I'll post my review at the end of this post.
In browsing for an image for my post on "Talk To Kids" - I ran across the eBook - That's Crap and You Know It - How to Raise Outspoken Conservative Kids to Stand Up Against Liberalism. I haven't read it - and at 7.69 - it doesn't seem to be selling very well. If you're going to write an e-book - I'd say keep the price low - at least until you have a following and people feel they can trust your work.
Don't worry if you're no Hemingway. A woman by the name of Stephanie McAfee wrote a book called "Diary of a Mad Fat Girl" (fiction book - nothing to do with politics) and I read it and thought it was HORRIBLE - full of cliches and there were a ton of spelling errors. It was also far fetched and the plot became outlandish mid way through. But guess what folks - in the true spirit of independence and the American Dream - Stephanie's book was one of the first self published e-books to hit the NYT bestseller list. CRAZY! She ended up getting a deal with a major publisher.
So if you have a book in you that will bring home an issue Patriots are concerned about; freedom, Obama's goal of one world (you could write a fictional book based on what our country will look like if that happens!), free markets, etc - sit your butt down and start writing away!
Here's a helpful tip: if you decide to write a book - stop and think if you want to publish it under your real name or if you'd like to use a pen name.
If you can take criticism, and don't care if your boss who is a raging Liberal knows that you wrote a book titled "The Obama Apocalypse" then use your real name.
If you're just testing the waters, a bit timid about the whole thing, use a pen name (you can always change your pen name back to your  real name if you change your mind even after you've published). Please note, many liberals love to post horrible reviews (just as I know conservatives will do the same thing to liberal books).
Don't worry about it being perfect (but do make an effort to be as professional as possible). Like everything, just have fun with it. It doesn't have to be 400 pages long. It can be a short story, a short book, a long essay. Just  make sure it has a point or a plot and is either entertaining or educational or both! As much as I'd love to help you get started, I am in the middle of a million projects (ok, more like 5!) and don't have time to answer questions on how to self publish your book - however - both Kindle/Amazon and Pub It/ have really simple directions and if you have trouble understanding - they have great community boards and people with much more experience than I who are willing to help and generous with their time.
Much luck! If you do publish (or have!), please let me know. I can't promise to read it, but I can offer to link to it. Also, if I put my name on a review, it means I have read the book (so many people don't bother!) and  I mean every word!
The great thing about this action item? It's the PERFECT example of the very thing Patriots are fighting for! Independence, Free Speech, Capitalism!

Here's my review for The Many Lies Of Harrison J. Bounel:
Whether you're a died hard conservative, a libertarian, or relatively new to politics (me) - you will enjoy this book. Mostly because it is laugh out loud funny. I was reading it in bed and woke up my better-half because I kept giggling. This book is a diary in 2 parts - using the "voice" of a parody Obama. And the other voice is that of Harrison J Bounel (he is the thought provoking voice that makes the reader stop to think and consider what Obama's agenda really is) an alias that is linked with Obama and with terrorist Bill Ayers. I had never heard Obama had used that alias but once I started reading the book - it made sense why he would. At first, when I heard about the story being scrubbed from the internet, I rolled my eyes and thought "OH, another conspiracy story." But when you stop to think about - all past Presidents have their whole lives open and available for scrutiny - yet Obama has kept everything locked up tightly. College transcripts? Grades? School information? Anyway - I digress. This book is quite entertaining in that it take a diary approach to the Obama administration starting from May 2, 2011 and ends on Dec 25, 2011. It includes photos (many funny)and Obama's viewpoint (he comes across as thinking Michelle is quite a nag - and Joe Biden is quite a dufus). In between all the humor, Harrison J Bounel "speaks" - observing that Obama's (known at the Other One)words and his actions point 2 totally separate ideals. I really enjoyed this quick, easy, funny read and would highly recommend it. And at 1.99? You can "gift" it to other conservatives, or better yet, to anyone who is "on the fence" about voting for Obama.