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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1 -Breitbart in Action - April is For Action - Rescuing Twitter from Liberals

Tom Bonnette
In honor of Andrew Breitbart - Day 1 of the Patriot Action Plan (how to wake up the sheep and save them from the Liberals!) belongs to Twitter.

There is power in numbers and there is power in unity.
--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I first started on Twitter years ago, it was full of Lefties waxing poetic about Obama. The voice of reason from the Right were being drowning under a sea of  Liberal Lies. 

Breitbart used Twitter to stir up an army of concerned Patriots, to point out the hypocrisy of Liberals by retweeing hate speech spewing out of the mouths of people who belonged to a group that sites themselves as the most "tolerant." 

The sheep followed and voted for Obama because that's what it seemed the majority of the USA was doing. They spoke the loudest, drove around with bumper stickers, wore T-Shirts, baseball hats, etc. They filled the Internet Universe and dominated social media - especially Twitter. 

Andrew slowly pried those social media doors open and taught those who were slowly waking up to the realization that the Constitution was at  located in the bullseye and a target of Obama's Socialist Rifle. His enthusiasm and humor attracted people like me - and attracted crazy Libs from the basement of Mommy and Daddy's house. 

One thing to always keep in mind, sheep are led by the numbers. They don't stop to think for themselves. They don't bother to investigate. They only stop long enough to register what seems to be popular. That is why the more they notice that Conservatives & Patriots (and I mean Independents and Libertarians) are controlling the narrative, the more they will flock away from the freedom destroyers of the left. 

Lately, I've been more active on Twitter, and I've been noticing that whenever the left start to get a # hashtag movement going, the Right take over and dominate it. It's a true joy to behold. 

Take for instance, the #DinnerWithBarrack hashtag. It was started by a Liberal trying to drum up donations for Obama - if you donated to his campaign, you had  a chance to win dinner with Barrack. Soon, the Twitter Feed started to look like this: 

@TN_SmartGirl  Do you know that definition of insanity is doing same thing over & over but expecting different results? #DinnerwithBarrack #hashtaghijack

@TN_SmartGirl  Do you know that men are made stronger by the realization that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own arm? #DinnerwithBarrack
@thatquirkylaura  #DinnerwithBarrack - featured drink of the night: the Zombie! ##Donate NOW!!!

@thatquirkylaura #DinnerWithBarrack - Yes, We've Got Pork.
@JAGordon78: #DinnerwithBarrack is that the sequel to "Dinner For Schmucks"?” 
@kidflash112  #dinnerwithBarrack i payed the bill then had to go wash dishes to make sure i did my fair share.. #tcot

@RightInAcademia: All they have to drink is Kool-Aid! #DinnerwithBarrack"
Sandra Skalski ‏ @VioletTiger2 There is not enough Peptobismol in the world to risk #DinnerwithBarrack 

It's also great for helping the sheep see the light. 
During the recent (and ongoing thanks to Sharpton and his group inflaming race wars) Trayvon Martin uproar, the sheep were out in full force, attacking any Patriots who brought up the fact Zimmerman should be tried in a court of law, not a court of media. 

I found myself in a conversation with a young black woman who had no idea who Star Parker, & Rev. C.L.Bryant were. She sited Warren Buffett as someone who thinks rich should pay more taxes, yet had no idea that Buffett owes almost a billion in back taxes. She said she would look up Star and Bryant. To me, that was a huge win. She really had no idea there are smart, powerful, Black leaders who advocate for the empowerment of Blacks by educating them on how the Democrats keep them enslaved to Government programs. 

I am surrounded by a sea of blue , so for me, Twitter is also a great way to recharge when I feel overwhelmed and have those brief moments of dismay by connecting with other Patriotic Warriors. 

Get on Twitter, get involved, have fun with it, hijack Liberal hashtags, and engage and gently educate the sheep and save them from the liberal wolves. Encourage your Patriotic Aunt, neighbor, Pop-Pop, etc to get on Twitter too - the more numbers we have, the more we can lead sheep to pastures of freedom! 

Be Ferocious. Be Funny. Be Free!