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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Can You Write a Novel Using Dragon Dictation? YES!

I read so many reviews about Dragon Dictation and read a review that said using Microsoft's free Speech Recognition program worked just as well - WRONG!
For me, anyway, Microsoft's version was a joke! It never seemed to hear me, and when it did, it was inaccurate.
I dabble in writing - but when it comes to sitting down at the computer and creating a story - I despise it. I'd so much rather be outside writing long-hand in a notebook; for me, it's much more liberating.
After writing We Are Breitbart long-hand, I had the dreaded task of sitting down and typing it out. Ugh. Then John suggested, "Why don't you try Dragon Dictation?"
At Walmart, it was selling for 50.00 - but they were sold out.
At Staples, it was selling for 99.00.
At Best Buy it was selling for 69.99. I decided to buy it from there because, even though it was cheaper on Amazon (45$$), I didn't want to wait for it to ship out (I'm impatient, what can I say?). I bought the Home version.
Well, it ended up being the best 69.99 I've ever spent.
It was so easy to set up and work with. In less than 2 hours, I'd dictated my book (it's a short book) - and then went back and made corrections. It was surprisingly accurate the first time out.
It's difficult for me to "write" as I think, however; I'm sure it can probably be done with training.
But since then, I've written 3 more books long-hand, then used Dragon when it came time to transfer my story to computer. This has saved me so much time and it actually makes it fun!
If you're like I am and like to write longhand - Dragon will make you 100% more efficient.
The headphone/microphone combo that is included works great. I don't see any reason to purchase anything different.
I wish I had discovered this years ago.
If you're like I was, hesitant to purchase it, I can assure you, it's well worth it and works wonderfully.
Simply. Fabulous!!!