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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Got a Phone? Take a Stand for Freedom. For Children. For School Choice.

Hey fellow PA Patriots -
We have a chance to stand up for freedom and children.
Currently, school choice is going to be voted on this week (or the next!) giving children the chance to leave a school that is failing them and attend a school that is succeeding.
Thanks to Obama - we've left our children an outrageous debt that they will have to slog through. The least we can do is offer them, and their parents, a chance at TRUE success.
We can offer children a chance to choose the best school for their needs - give them freedom to make that choice - you know why? Because FREEDOM WORKS.
I'm urging you to call Governor Corbett at (717) 787-2500 and tell him to say YES to bill 2468.
And ring state Rep Mike Turzai at  (412) 369-2230 and tell him to say YES!
Calling your state reps make the most impact.
Please take a moment of your time - and even if you don't have children in school, please think of those children that are the future of America. Show them that freedom = success.