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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Matthew Perdie Walks Across America To Restore Liberty

I'm going to write about my experience about the AWESOMENESS of the FreedomWorks Bootcamp but first, I'd like to introduce you to Matthew Perdie. I became aware of him through Twitter (just today!) and discovered he lives in Jim Thorpe, an area near and dear to my heart as my family grew up in that area.
Matthew was the editor of the movie Runaway Slave - and I happened to just meet CL Bryant (and sat next to him at dinner!) at the FreedomWorks Bootcamp event. Runaway Slave is about how the govt traps the black community into economic slavery. It's set to open at the Glenn Beck rally in July and then nationwide.
Matthew walked across America to spread the word about restoring INDEPENDENCE and LIBERTY to our country - the very thing Obama and the Democrats have destroyed.
Please watch this clip of the movie - and if you can, consider buying his DVD. We need to support our fellow Patriots who fight so hard for freedom. If you can't afford his video (THANKS OBAMA!) - you can support him by sending out a Tweet, Facebook Staus, or post his info on your blog.
We are all in this together, Patriots!!!!
Follow Matthew on Twitter at @PerdieXAmerica