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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bucks County Teenage Republican Committee - Our Future Is In Great Hands!

Tony Sposato at the Bucks County Teenage Republican Committee 

So, I've been following the Bucks County Teenage Republican Committee on Facebook - and following Brandon Posner - on Twitter (link) after he showed up at the Freedom Works Ivyland weekend bootcamp in a suit and tie and was the youngest person in the room. He could have been the great great grandson to some of the attendees! I was intrigued by him because I remember when I was a teenager, I had little idea what was going on in DC...nor did I really care.
So I decided to go to their meeting last night and see what it was all about...and I was blown away by their knowledge! They are professional yet laid back at the same time. They make some of the Tea Party meetings I've attended look like nothing more than a whine and cheese puff party. Their advisers, Curt and Meghan are warm, friendly, easy going.
They had 3 guests - all who blew me away and were very informative!
There was Republican  Tony Sposato - running for PA State House of Reps (district 141). I have to say, he told me he was 60 but I would have put him at late 40's - early 50's! He really opened my eyes to the greed of teachers unions. Did you know in the state of PA, if a township runs out of money - they can't lay off teachers - they cut school programs instead. Did you know that no matter how horrible a teacher is - it takes jumping through a ton of hoops to let them go? Tony is in favor of rewarding great teachers with better pay and bonuses - and also in favor of putting students and parents needs on par with the teachers. He was really impressive and warm. Didn't speak for-everrrrrrrrr like I've noticed some politicians do.
There was also some reps from Tom Smith's campaign. Tom Smith is running for senate. I'd only heard "rumors" about Tom Smith so it was great meeting Nick Fountain - the Eastern Pa Field Rep, as well as Joe Gale. Tom Smith is a self made millionaire. After graduating highschool - he put off college to stay home and help take care of his father, who was ill, and to work on the family farm. He also drove a school bus for extra income. He married his highschool sweetheart. 24 years after highschool, he mortgaged everything he had to start a coal business. He spent the next 21 years building a series of highly successful companies. He retired and sold everything in 2010. He never planned on getting involved in politics. But when he saw what was happening to our country - to the coal industry which he knew was a great source of energy as well as an awesome job creator, he knew he had to do something. He joined a Tea Party. And then...he decided to run for Senate.
You know what I'd "heard" about him? This is what everyone was yapping about at Tea Parties. "He's a former DEMOCRAT." (cue gasps)
I asked Nick about that.
Oh, yes. He was a Conservative Democrat. You know why? Because unions in the coal industry are Democrat. If you look at who he's donated to - it's always been republicans!
I've found the best "politicians" are those like Tony and Tom - people who had no intention of having a career in politics - but were so moved by the corrupted state, by the failing policies, that they feel they MUST GET INVOLVED.
Then Blake Gober from the Bucks County Romney Victory Center talked about working the phones and getting out there and doing door to door campaigning. Something he doesn't LOVE, but does love the great results it brings.
It was a really great meeting. Short. To the Point. Informative. I left feeling good about our future.
These young kids, Tony Sposato and Tom Smith - they all represent true Hope and Change for the better!