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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Conservatives Easy Guide To Using Twitter

Is restoring America worth 5 minutes of your time every day?
Twitter –  The Most Valuable Social Media Tool in 2012!!!

From John Nolte: “I'm convinced that by ending the left's corrupt bottleneck of the flow of information, Twitter has become the most important political invention since the American Constitution; and like that document, we must cherish, protect, and use it.”

Don’t be intimated. Very easy to sign up and use.

Best to use your real  name  - but if you need to keep it private, that’s okay. Pick something easy to remember so you can tell other people. If people can’t spell your last name – don’t use it!
Use a picture for your avatar. Good to use photo of yourself, but perfectly fine if you use something else (picture of American flag, your dog, a flower, etc.)
In your profile, make sure to mention that you are for small government – Conservative, etc.

Follow me @HeyLauraFreed 

Take a look at my “lists” (on the left hand side of the screen) and follow those who interest you.
Patriots – local Tea Party groups who I’ve met at various Tea Party meetings. Get to know these people – we are all family!

PA Legislators  by AFP Pennsylvania
TCOT/TLOT Politicians (a list of tea party/libertarian supported politicians)
BuxMontPoliticians  Bucks/Montgomery County Politicians
LocalPaPatriots – a list of local Patriots who I’ve “met” on Twitter .
Spirited  - a list of Conservatives who are funny/have a lot of spirit.

The Hashtag. #

This is what we call a hashtag: # - Simply put - the use of  a hashtag before a word is used as a way to put extra emphasis on the meaning of your tweet - OR - as a way of being included in a group or event. The use of the # also helps you find people with similar interests. And also - using # helps when you are talking about current events - like Fast and Furious or the ruling on Obamacare.

1- Say you send out this Tweet: "No jobs, no budget. #Fail #Obama."
The # added before the word Fail and Obama puts extra emphasis on those words - as if to shine a spotlight on them.

2- Say you and attending a rally in DC. Say the rally is sponsored by FreedomWorks - if you send out a Tweet while you're at the rally - you would add #FWRally at the end of your tweet - so signify that you are attending the rally. Everyone who is at the rally would also add #FWRally at the end of their tweets, and that way, you can use the "search" feature on Twitter to plug in #FWRally - and you'll be able to see what other people who attending are saying about the rally - or start following those people if you aren't already following them.

Often - there will be what we call "Hashtag Wars." This pits Conservatives VS Liberals. Here's an article from Twitchy.Com that gives a good example of a #War.

3) Similar Interests - Say you love tulips. You want to find other people who love tulips as much as you do so you can follow them and share stories about tulips... in the search bar on Twitter - you plug in #tulips - and up pops a list of people who use the word #tulips in their tweets. Now say you're going to plant them but you need advice - you could search for key words to find and follow (or to ask someone for help) using key words like #flowers #garden #planting. 

One last use for the #. That is finding a topical subject. When "Obamacare" was somewhat held up by the Supreme Court - anytime someone tweeted about the decision - they would "tag" their tweet with words that defined an aspect of the topic - #Obamacare #Roberts #NewTax #ImpeachRoberts #TaxMandate -

Finally - here is a list of popular # that Conservatives use to signal their solidarity - it shows

#tcot : stands for Top Conservatives on Twitter.
#teaparty: As the name implies.
#tlot: stands for Top Libertarians on Twitter: This one nearly rivals #tcot in terms of how much its used.
#sgp: stands for Smart Girl Politics, which is a conservative women's movement. 
#iamthemob: This hashtag started after some Democrats in Congress labeled those protesting socialized medicine as a mob.
#Twisters = A tightly knit group of superpower wielding, patriotic, conservative bad-asses of the female kind.
#lnyhbt - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled - the Sean Hannity Twitter Army. 
#tpot: stands for Top Patriots on Twitter.
#gop: This hashtag is usually used when tweeting about the Republican Party.
#catcot: California Conservatives

If you see a #word you are curious about - simply Google it - or don't be afraid to ask someone!

There is also a twitter for 76Patriots = @76Patriots. This Twitter account will only be used to blast out info relevant to Pennsylvania. Events in our area, stories that make the news, etc.
Contact me anytime by email – – I will be happy to help you in any way!

If you are STILL  not convinced you need to join Twitter - please read this article by John Nolte (link)
And an article that Twitter Could Swing the Vote in Pennsylvania. (link)

I'll Tweet you on Twitter!