The only thing I take seriously is my Freedom. And Bacon.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Sunday I was very excited to meet up with the co-founders of Citizens for Liberty . We met at Whole Foods in Plymouth meeting which was awesome. Love that place! They sell win and beer and they have a roof top deck with a taco truck!
It was shaping up to be a good meeting. 
We were meeting to talk about action steps to take and brainstorm ideas. Somehow, we got off the subject and conspiracy theories started flying around.
Some other people had joined us - people I've seen at other meetings who seem to be focused on conspiracy theories, complaining about what is wrong with the Obama administration, and doing little else.
I've attended many local Tea Party meetings and the only 2 I've found that WALK the TALK are Citizens for Liberty and Kitchen Table Patriots. The other meetings simply complain about things, come up with ideas, but either need to "run the ideas" past a board for approval or there are no follow ups. So frustrating.
I left feeling deflated.

There are many "keyboard conspirators." Those people who seem to focus on doing nothing but talking about conspiracies from the comfort of their computer keyboard. The only action they take is to attend a meeting and spread their theories and/or complain.
So many of these people are college educated successful people! 
Also - the right seems so splintered. The abortion fanatics - the religious fanatics - the conspiracy theorists - the's no wonder the left views us the way they do. 

If only all these "groups" would realize we need to fix the foundation of the house first before we worry about "decorating" so to speak.

I'd say MOST OF US on both sides agree that our politicians should WORK for US. That AMERICA is about liberty, freedom, and LIMITING the Government - not RELYING on the Government. The government should be expected to be FISCALLY responsible! No less than we, as citizens, are expected to spend money we have and live within our means.

That is what we should be focusing on. Not implants in peoples brains, birth certificates that may or may not be phony.

Obama's actions - many politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle- have proven to us they are more concerned with their own greed - for money, for power - that is ALL WE NEED to focus on. It's all right there, in front of us - but the more time people spend focusing on birth certificates the more kooky they appear, and the more Obama can get away with his lack of action or the actions he has taken to turn USA into a welfare state beholden to the government.

Then I met Steve again today at PJ Whelihan's - one on one - to talk about strategy and taking action. We spent almost 2 hours talking - and I left revived and more determined than ever.

I realized life is too short to bother with those focused on conspiracy theories - those focused ONLY on social issues. Let's concentrate on fixing our foundation, on creating a safe "home" - making sure our walls are strong, our roof is secure - and that we've hired the right team to work on our house. I picture Obama and his team as shady contractors who promise to fix the cracks in the foundation - but while they are in your home, purposely tamper with the wiring, the plumbing, etc - so that you will have to call them back time and time again. It keeps them in business.

We need to find honest contractors to repair our home - our home being USA. Once we find and hire those people - once our house is sturdy and secure - then we can work on decorating (social issues). What's the point in universal healthcare if we, as a country, are so broke, we can't afford to staff hospitals?

Let's get back to the basics people - it's what we've been demanding of ALL our politicians -and it's what we should demand of ourselves.