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Monday, July 16, 2012

COP Diary - Toomey, Door Blitzing, Cotton Candy Martinis.

Senator Pat Toomey and Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield
 July 14th 2012
Conservative Outlaw Princess Diary,

Saturday started off rainy and humid but I jumped out of bed and couldn't wait to start the day.
Senator Toomey was arriving at the Conshohocken Victory Center  to lend his support to local politicians , Romney, and Tom Smith's bid to take back America and put it back on the road to real recovery.
I love Toomey. I subscribe to his Twitter updates and receive emails from  everytime he votes for a bill. He always votes the way I'd want him to - limiting Government power.
The Conshy Victory Center is bright and staffed by young, passionate, Romney reps. Perry Bentley is the contact person and he is warm and welcoming. I loved that they had a Keurig coffee maker, and tables loaded with snack food!
Citizens For Liberty Steve & Jill on our Door Blitz.
After we heard a motivational message from Toomey - about how Obama has driven the economy far off the road, I joined the co-founder of Citizens for Liberty, Steve, and Jill (she writes our PA economy column every Friday) - and we walked the neighborhoods taking a survey for the Victory Center. The good news is, most people felt that Obama was doing a horrible job as President - the bad news - there were some people who felt he was doing a great job. "He's been blocked by the GOP." Hmmm, really? He got Obamacare and we got a new tax, more unemployment, and doctors moving out of country or quitting. He got his tarp money and what did we get from that? Our unemployment has not dipped below 8% in 3.5 years. Gas has increased by almost 2 dollars and remained there.
Anyway -
John & I in Jim Thorpe 
After our door blitz - John and I drove up to Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe is a quaint small town up North and is full of mom and pop shops/pubs. Did you know our own  film maker Matt Perdie lives in Thorpe and his family owns a great restaurant called Through The Looking Glass  (most excellent cheddar biscuit chicken sandwiches). Today, we tried a new place - The Broadway Grille which was fabulous. I had a 'cotton candy' martini and it was red, white, and blue - how perfectly fitting is that!
I spent summers in Nesquehoning with my grandparents - which is about 10 minutes from Jim Thorpe.
Thorpe has been enjoying a tourist influx for the past few years - which is great for business - but as we were walking around town, I noticed many liberals. 2 thinks I can always spot - pedophiles and Liberals! I wanted to shake these people and say, "Do you realize Jim Thorpe was built by the coal industry! Do you realize your Insane President Obama is over-regulating small businesses to death and driving them to shut their doors?"
But, whatever. I've no doubt people are slowly waking up. Every town I visit has been marked by Obama; boarded up empty store fronts with "FOR LEASE" signs that are weathered and faded.
I've pledged to spend the rest of my life protecting the Constitution - and policing those we send to Washington. Every day I will take action to make a positive difference  - but I'm also going to have fun doing it!