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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ego Alert: Laura Freed Makes The Cover of Bucks County Life Magazine!

Okay, so did a few other people...still...

I can't tell you how shocked I was when I received the initial email from Bucks Life Magazine  asking me to be a part of their summer edition magazine.

Being a Conservative in these parts of Bucks County is often challenging.   Often times, if magazines or news bothers to feature us, it's generally in an unfavorable light.

So, Kudos to Bucks Life Magazine for reaching out to me, and allowing me to pay homage to my favorite shops, restaurants, and other places around Bucks County - please note - all of these places were built through sweat and determination by individuals - their success comes from the work of their hands and the help of family, friends, and community - it was not built by "the government." (Take that, Obama!)
Please buy a copy of Bucks Life (found at Wegmans, and bookstores and various other places!) to show your thanks to a magazine that gives voice to ALL Bucks County residents!

I am available for autographs -  charging only a nominal fee that will go to support the Laura Freed Bacon & Martini Fund.


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