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Friday, July 6, 2012

Look Out World: Laura Freed is Furious

Before Skippack 4th of July Parade - This is MY holiday!
I just want to say I'm FURIOUS. There are a ton of tea parties around this area. 
I marched in the Skippack parade with - you know how many other Tea Party people? 6. 
Obama had about 25 marchers and a life size cutout of the King, himself. 
You know how many Tea Parties sent me out a message asking me to march in the local parades? 
It was dumbluck that I heard about this parade - it was tossed out as an idea at the Citizens For Liberty meeting by someone who was going to be in the parade riding in an Antique car and myself and a few other people from Citizens From Liberty jumped at the opportunity. We were joined by two ladies from the CentralMontco Tea Party.  
Citizens For Liberty and 2 Patriots from Central Montco
Tea Party Patriots. 
The Tea Party should have OWNED the 4th of July. OWNED IT. 
I've been visiting local Tea Parties to make connections and get involved. 
Well, it's NO WONDER liberals own the state of Pennsylvania. 
The Tea Party here is so disconnected, disjointed, and almost NONE of them use social media to connect, promote, or fight the left.  
I was so furious after the parade, it fueled me to create - the first Social Media Tea Party of Pa - it will help unite local patriots to fight the Left, fight for the return of our liberty, and help people find local events/rallies. You don't have to join a group to join the fight for liberty. But if you got some balls and enthusiasm, these local groups need new life!! Except for the Citizens For Liberty Group - they are FIRECRACKERS! If you're looking for a great outgoing group in Montgomery County - look no further!

I also created - the first National Social Media Tea Party. After reading Radical Rules for Conservatives by David Kahane - I realized as much as I'm doing to help with the fight to save America - I'm not doing enough. And we can't fight the left by continuously taking their punches and being worried about "offending them" (which is exactly what they want!). Winning in Nov means getting involved in Social Media - it means being BOLD, BRAVE, AND BALLSY. 76Bandits if for patriotic "outlaws" - those who don't observe the usual rules (because look how that's working for America). 76Bandits will steal back our Liberty from Obama - from Big Government, Big Media, and Big Hollywood. 

We should be fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY, and with Social Media, you can belly up to the computer in your Red White and Blue PJ's, stick a bag of Cheetos on your desk, and get to work. If you don't have 5 minutes a day to fight for America - you might as well turn in your gun and flag now.