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Friday, July 13, 2012

Move On, Romney Victory Center, Fried Pickles

Pizza at the Romney Victory Center

So...on Thursday night, I was altered to the fact that  Move On was going to stand in front of the Romney Victory Headquarters protesting the fact that Romney hasn't released his full tax returns on Friday, Fuly 13th (Friday the 13th...aaahhh ahhh ahh).
Really? So what are they implying...that Romney is hiding something?
If that's the case, why did it take Obama almost 4 years to produce his birth certificate? Why has he STILL not released his college transcripts?
Anyway, so I wanted to "counter protest" and invited some of my "social media" Patriot friends (who'd I actually met - but met them initially through Twitter!) to meet me at the Romney Victory Headquarters and "counter protest" the Move On Group.
I arrived at 11:00 (Move On was to arrive at 12:00) and Blake Gober, who runs the Victory center - put us to work "Dialing For Romney."
The Doylestown Victory Center is located in the basement of the GOP headquarters. I like things BRIGHT. This, was not bright. But, a positive is...Blake is young and full of energy and....LOVES HOCKEY (specifically, the Red Wings...but, whatever). And...he also bought us pizza.
Well, 12:00 came and went. I thought for sure if the protesters showed up, we'd be told about it by the people working on the first floor.
Around 12:45 - The Double Marcs, Bob, Ken, and I headed to MOMS (Maxwells on Main Street) to sit down, talk, and REALLY get to know each other.
I ordered a martini and FRIED PICKLES (not the BEST place for fried pickles, but still, pretty good) - and settled in the booth at my most favorite bar in Doylestown and got to know these great local Patriots who realize the value of Social Media, AND Action.
Fried Pickles at MOMS
Each had a personal story that I found moving...but no matter what propelled them into taking action, the underlying reason was the same: We All Love America and Our Freedom, and we've all recognized that Big Govt has eroded our Liberty, the Constitution, and our (the people) power.
I also discovered the MOVE ON people DID show up...but they were few and only stayed for about 10 minutes. I was ticked no one had bothered to tell us...but...whatever. I did feel disappointed, and called Crazy John, who has been involved in politics for YEARS. CJ knows I HATE talking on the phone, so when he realized I was calling, he picked up the phone and ASSURED me that we'd have plenty of time between now and 11/6/2012 to counteract the lies/rhetoric that Libs/Dems are spewing. He put the zing back in my zip (does that sound dirty? It's totally not meant to be!)  
All in was a great day and I got to know the heart and soul of 4 great Patriots.
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