The only thing I take seriously is my Freedom. And Bacon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raising For Romney - Fire Obama - Hire Romney

Ah - the power of the internet...
I received a couple of Tweets from @raising4Romney - asking me to submit a short video about why people should fire Obama and Vote for Mitt Romney.( ME? Make a video? Y'all know how shy I am...)
Not more than an hour later, I was standing in the Romney Victory Center in Conshohocken, Pa...and working the phones, sitting next to local Patriot Jill Herring (who writes the PA economy report every Friday for us) - was Matt Stern - the brains behind Raising4Romney (link).
For the good of my Country, I decided to overcome my shyness and make a video for Raising From Romney - I focused on 2 of my favorite things: Freedom & Bacon.
So, here it is....and please - consider shooting your own 30 second video (or a little more) video and sending it to - or, if you make a video and upload it yourself to Youtube, simply send Matt the link.
C'mon Patriots - show those Libs they don't own Social Media - show them we're passionate about bringing power back to the people - FIRING OBAMA - and replacing him with someone who knows how to turn around failing entities and make them successful (MA, Olympics, Brookstone, Domino's Pizza, Sealy Corporation, Sports Authority, Staples).