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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Runaway Slave Movie Premiere and a Crazy Liberal Thief

Friday we went to see Runaway Slave. Anastasia wanted to rally on the corner of 611 & County Line road. She ran it by a few people and I and two other people said, "Nah."
And she said, "HELL YEAH - why waste a good opportunity." **Lesson Learned.
We had enough people to form a line down the 611 side and the County Line road side. 
We waved signs that said, "End of an Error (obama)" and my famous "Obama Kills (jobs, economy, constitution, etc)" - and of course, we had our flags!
Most people honked or gave us thumbs up - but there were a few people who flipped us the bird. And then this crazy lady who called us racist and fascist. Fascist? Wouldn't that be Obama? He's seeking to turn us into a welfare state - and he is successful at that. Food Stamps and Welfare have doubled as jobs are drying up and the over regulations his placing on small business and energy companies is forcing the closure of  layoffs of thousands. 
Anyway - the movie Runaway Slave was simply wonderful. Even former Democrats who saw the movie learned things. There is a line in the movie that talks about running away from Big Government - and there is also a line about how those in power seek to divide the blacks from the whites and that's why they keep rubbing salt in past wounds - why they inflame the racist rhetoric - instead of saying "We are all brothers and sisters REGARDLESS of our color." So the line in the movie "Run fast, run harder..." (away from Big Government)  is perfect...but I'd like to add, "Run TOGETHER"