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Monday, August 6, 2012

ChickFilA - New Friends- Rallies - Surf n Turf - Best Cheesecake Ever!

The dress I wore to the Eagle Forum Gala
The week started off with a meeting at Citizens For Liberty. Jim Billman, leader of the Berks County Patriots talking to us about Emergency Preparedness.
Steve Onufrey and I 
At first, I was we go...more conspiracy theory crap. I thought for sure I'd be seeing some people wearing tin foil hats.
However, Jim was no where near a conspiracy theorist.
He talked to us about "Bugout Bags" - supplies to keep on hand in case you need to leave the house in a hurry. Supplies you need on hand in case of natural disaster in which power may be off for considerable time.
Jim talked about the importance of getting involved in government at the local level - the importance of "showing up" at township/city/boro meetings.
Steve P from Citizens For Liberty thinks he's funny!
He totally rocked. Later that night I met Steve Onufrey - an incredibly smart Patriot who shared my love of  sociology and what makes people tick. After the meeting, we shared a pineapple margarita downstairs at the bar.

Friday I did my first radio talk show with Rich Davis of American Sheepdogs! I'm going to have my own segment every Friday at 10:30am - "Freed in Five," where I can talk  about any political topic. You can listen in using this link: WNJC 1360AM Radio - Live stream at  

Katie (I had to pay her but she had fun anyway!)
Obama Built That 16,000,000,000,000
Saturday, Katie and I went to  and took part in a rally with Citizens For Liberty. We received a-lot of thumbs up and honks. I LOVE all of Steve's signs - but the best 2 are "Democrats For Romney" and "End Racism Now."  They make people go hmmmmmm.....

Surf n Turf
Saturday night - Katie and I attended the Eagle Forum dinner at the Aronimink Golf Club. It was quite a fancy event and I was happy to see Marc Grove and Marc Grove Jr. there representing Kitchen Table Patriots.
Katie and I had the opportunity to go thanks to my new friend Steve Onufrey who introduced me via email to Bernadette Respisky who had 2 tickets to give away.

During a sublime dinner of steak and crab cake and followed by probably the best cheesecake I've ever had, candidates for the Republican offices spoke and I have to say, they were all charismatic and  had great personal stories.

Phyllis Schlafly speaks at the Eagle Forum Gala
Phyllis Schlafly then spoke, the "Mother of the Conservative Movement" - and funny thing, I remember my mother complaining about her when I was growing up. The same mother that called me a vindictive bigot because I questioned Obama's terrorist/antisemitic friends - his lack of responsibility, and his constant blame of the GOP.
I found Mrs. Schlafly to be warm and energetic and thoroughly enjoyed her, the people sitting at our table, and the evening as a whole.

It was a great week - and I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many people who have roused out of their sleep to fight for freedom - those who've been doing this for years and still continue with passion - and those, like me, who have just joined their team and are enthusiastic and barely containable! Wait - how could I forget! On August 1st - we also went to Chick Fil A to support free speech and traditional family values. Though I think Govt should stay out of all romantic relationships and support anyone who wants to marry as long as they are of legal age - I also support the right to hold your own opinion!!!