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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Town That Refuses To Work With Assholes

Living It Up in Whitefish Montana. 
Last Summer, John and I vacationed in the FABULOUS small town of Whitefish in Montana. It's like a Doylestown only cars actually stop and allow people to cross the road and their police reports are some of the funniest reading material I've ever come across. 

I loved and adored everything about Whitefish. EXCEPT. 

Except everywhere we went, they only served Pepsi. I would rather drink water than Pepsi. We have thought about moving to Whitefish...but I worry about the winter (hate the cold) but even more, I hate the Pepsi. 

Finally, at a pizza place (and this pizza place was called like Jersey's Pizza or something - oh, and GREAT pizza!) they had Diet Coke. I was quite excited. 
 I asked the waitress (who turned out to be the wife - co/owner of the place) why no-one carried Coke products. 

"Because the Coke sales rep is an asshole. The only reason we serve it here, is because my husband loves Coke and so we grin through it and do business with the jerk." 

And yet, another reason to love Whitefish. 

They realize the power of sticking together and using their voice ( this case, their wallets) send a message that assholes won't be tolerated. 

They don't look to the government to solve their problems. 

What consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is not my business. If a cafe doesn't want to serve me a bacon cheeseburger because I'm a girl, that's fine, I'll go to a place that will serve me. If someone believes in God and sells only crosses and communion wafers - awesome. If someone believes in Allah and feels bacon is evil, who am I to point out their obvious lack of good taste?

We were voices and the power to make choices. Running to the government is handing over your power to effect change. It's like being 35 years old and calling in your mother to come to your office and confront the co-worker who ate your wheat grass granola free granola. 

Man the fuck up, America!!!!