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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amazon Now Censoring My Forum Posts

This is a response to the people on the Amazon Forum "Top Reviewers" - Amazon wouldn't post this because of objectionable content. I thought it might be the word "Craptastic" took that out and tried to repost. Still wouldn't go through. If anyone sees an obvious objectionable content, please let me know.
Too funny that my post is objectionable yet Amazon creates a show called Transgender. Whatev.

Thanks Amazon! Proving that Censorship of Differing Opinions is well and alive!

Yes, I'm a Vine member under my other account; when offered membership it said (and still says) if you have other Amazon accounts, the Vine membership will go under the account that is the highest ranked.
I received another email from Amazon stating that my reviews would not post because they were already posted (however....the Kindle Fire 6 review still remains - and it was posted under a family members account (still remains) when I was testing to see if the reviews that were 'flagged' would go through (they all did).
I did notice a review I'd written a long time ago for 10 Commandments of Propaganda was missing.
Is that "unique" reviewer Christopher M (I think) still around? If you review often I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. The reviewer who sort of reviews in odd absurd poetry blocks? I don't know if he's still around, but to delete political reviews is frightening. If Amazon is quietly shaving political reviews (or a worker w/in Amazon) it's disconcerting. I asked again WHY my account was blocked, reviews deleted, then reinstated. Nothing.
I kept my Vine account separate from my purchasing account FOR THE VERY REASON of NOT being accused of using my blog/social media to gain attention for my Vine account! I never ever blogged about being a Vine member, nor tweeted, etc prior to this happening.
So, my reviews for recipe books, Kindle, calendars, all remain.
The majority of my political reviews? Gone.
And if they leave a few political reviews up - it makes it a bit more difficult to say with certainty, "Well, if they were censoring your political views, wouldn't they censor them all?"
And who is to say that a few months from now, they might get flushed also?
Also, Amazon is contracting their rules constantly. Accusing people of manipulating reviews - but they want you to link your twitter account to your review account? So they want you to draw attention to a product, but only Amazon decides kind of attention they like?
Amazon manipulates reviews constantly - the Vine badge, The Top Reviewers etc; it's a false flag! I'd say 1/2 reviewers are simply trying to climb the ladder because 1)Ego 2)Freestuff - and the other half of the Vine reviewers/Top Reviewers take it seriously and are honest.
A solution might be - allow all reviews to go through. Allow people to decide if they want to "Mute" the reviewer like you can mute a person in a forum. Problem solved. It's very simple to figure out if a reviewer is being honest/authentic or biased - read some of their previous reviews. If you bought a book/item and bought it because it had a delusion of positive reviews but you didn't spend the extra time to check that the reviewer only had one or 2 reviews.
I know this because I've been suckered in - but I learned quickly.
My lesson learned in this craptastic mess; to people who take their reviewing seriously, start a blog at google blogger or wordpress for free - repost all your reviews. That way if you have someone who looks to your reviews for guidance, they can follow you and - more importantly, you'll have an easy to search for record of your reviews. And, also, you can control the haters and trolls by not allowing comments, blocking their IP, etc.
Have a fantastic day!