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Monday, February 9, 2015

Amazon Reinstates Conservative Reviewer After Social Media Help

After posting publicly on blog and tweeting to 15,000 Twitters AND on Pinterest, Amazon has reinstated my personal account. I have a huge feeling they never would have bothered had I not had people retweeting and repinning. THANK YOU TWEETERS AND PINNERS!!!
I didn't quite have a massive melt down like Kayne West and it didn't get massive attention like, say, Justin Biebers hair - however, it goes to show the power of a few voices, and I thank you all so much and this is a great testimony to the big power small voices can have.
On 2/7 and 2/8 I had used the contact form on Amazon to ask why my reviews were deleted and blocked.

So, this is my account which was blocked (now back) Laura Freed "Girl Medic" - though missing my Stonewalled Review and How To Debate Leftists, though I wonder if it's because I then posted them on my Vine Account to test if they would go through? -  Either way. I'm not touching any of them. Again,thank you! We are living in a time when social media is the glue holding our freedom together, and I am horrified to think what will happen if the Net Neutrality bill passes and government takes over the internet and our ability to blog, Tweet, Pin, Youtube etc...

Again, a reminder to copy your reviews and check them frequently to make sure they don't "accidentally"

Original Message To Amazon from me: 

Comments:On 2/7 I noticed all my reviews had been deleted by Amazon and I was blocked from publishing new reviews.
Yet I was able to re-post the reviews under a family member's account - so there were obviously no violations in the review.
I've called, sent emails, and have received no answers (not even a reply that you've received my emails).
Why was my account blocked? How can it be restored?
Laura Freed  -

 I was answered by Amazon with this: 

"Hello Laura,

We are unable to post your Customer Reviews to the Amazon website because your account activity indicates that you committed fraudulent activity from your account.

Customer Reviews are meant to give customers unbiased product feedback from fellow shoppers. Because our goal is to surface Customer Reviews that help customers make informed purchase decisions, any reviews that could be viewed as advertising, promotional, or misleading will not be posted.

To learn more about this policy, please review our Customer Review Guidelines ( and FAQs:

If you believe you should be eligible to write a Customer Review for our products, send additional details to us at

We hope to see you again soon."

My reply to review appeals:
I'd like specific examples. If I'm prohibited from using free speech - I'd like to be refunded ALL of my purchases, including my Kindle Fire. Also, will you be sending me copies of my reviews?

Then Amazon responded with: 

Hello from Amazon.

We've removed Customer Reviews left by your account because it's come to our attention that you have violated our policies by manipulating Customer Reviews. Any attempt to manipulate ratings, feedback, or Customer Reviews is prohibited.

After reviewing your account, we've determined that your reviews will remain removed from the site. For more information, please review our Customer Review Guidelines (

We appreciate your cooperation."

Then I got BACK on social media, wrote another blog post, stepped away from the computer to do laundry, dishes, Yoga (because I am out of wine) trying to decompress, and when I get back on computer, I find this email:

From Review Moderator

Amazons Reply: 5:06 pm (Eastern Time) 

We have re-evaluated your Customer Reviews and our previous response.

Your reviews have been reinstated as of 2/9/15 at 2:02 PM and you can see them now online.

Thank you,

Review Moderator"