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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Emily Gray Tedrowe - Bashes Military To Build Bank Account

Do you believe the military deserve NO MONEY? Because the author of  Blue Stars (an anti-military book in the guise of a novel) does. Emily Gray Tedrowe pledged her support to the Occupy wackos - and the Occupy wackos believe that military should earn NO money. And of course, that Academia should earn the most money (selfish much?).
This book reads like liberal anti-military propaganda because it is. It is belittling and condescending toward military - and discriminates against Latinos - painting them as stupid, sleazy, drinking, organic food hating (seriously, the intellectual Ellen takes military Lacey to Wholefoods and Lacey is intimated by the mist being sprayed over the fresh vegetables...and...eggplant)
The military wives are painted as crass, trailer park trash. Lacey is a drinking, cursing, sex nypmh, who has an anxiety attack in Wholefoods because it's "healthy."
But Ellen, the Democrat/Liberal, of course, is intelligent (translation: pretentious), reads Edith Wharton, P.D. James, drinks Soy milk, hates Bush, reads Vogue, The New Yorker and then donates them to the hospital. She also has, of course, hired help for her house... Not doubt Ellen is a version of Emily.
My father was military, we have  deployed family who  spent 2 tours in Iraq and his wife  is a graduate of Emory and is an ER doctor.
But I guess educated beautiful women don't fit the Democrat narrative that military spouses dye their hair with bleach, drink beer for breakfast, and sleep around.
This book is so ridiculous, so full of Michael Moore cliches, nothing original.
On page one you'll find all you need to about the author's intent of the book: "The Iraq war; brutal and pointless."
(Let's not forget, under Obama, we have 3 wars and he authorized military action in Libya, ramped up covert war in Yemen,
expanded drone warfare into Somalia, deployed troops in Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and expanded Special Operations forces into 75 countries!)
If you're a military family looking for a positive, heartfelt, story, this is not it.
Tedrowe states this book was based on the Walter Reed scandal of 2007.
Ironically, she fails to mention the VA Scandal under the Obama administration.
In Walter Reed, none of our Vets died...under Obama's watch - Vets are waiting YEARS for benefits and at least 3 Veterans have died under this liberal administration.
Our Military should be held in high esteem - by all of America.
And if not for the military and the wars that have been fought - Emily Gray Tedrowe would not be able to publish such discriminatory, prejudiced, pretentious, propaganda and call it "literature."
I wonder if Tedrowe is going to donate the money she makes from this work to Wounded Warriors? Or, was this book simply an exploitation of political themes in order to pad her bank account, pay her expensive mortgage, and live in hypocrisy?
If you value our military - skip this.
If you are military, I'd like to say THANK YOU, I appreciate you and your service to our Country - no deployment is in vain and at least you have the courage to stand up for America while people like Tedrowe cowardly sit behind a desk and pen, preen and preach.