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Friday, May 1, 2015

No Justice For Iasha Rivers

You probably don't know about Iasha Rivers. In 2014, she was an executive for Macy's in New York city. beautiful and self-less, she devoted many hours volunteering for those less fortunate.  She attended a party. She woke up the next morning in a man's bedroom. A very old man. A very rich man. She was bruised and bleeding from her vagina. She didn't remember what happened. 
She went home and confided her fear to a friend. The friend urged her to go to the ER - it sounded as though she might have been slipped something in her drink. 
Iasha Rivers faced a huge problem. If she accused the old powerful rich man of rape - what would happen to her? 
Well, she mustered up her courage and filed charges, as reported by the New York Daily News on October 14th, 2014.  I mean, she was on the board of the National Action Network. Which is about the protection and support of the black community. 
Oh, wait, did I mention that Iasha is a young beautiful black woman? The man she accused of raping her is white. Old. White. Rich. A civil rights attorney, as a matter of fact. His name is Sanford Rubenstein. He was actually kicked out of sex club a few weeks after the rape accusation. And a his ex-girlfriend (also black and very young) asked her to have an orgy
You would think, with all the rage against the establishment, the major news stations would report on this story. Nah, just a few New York papers who aren't afraid of the Al Sharpton machine gun. 
Oh, did I mention that Sanford Rubenstein is a life long friend of Al Sharpton? 
You would think Jezebel would report on it. They are pro-woman after all. Nah...though they believe women who drink and party shouldn't be 'shamed' if they are taken advantage of...but Iasha Rives? Well, she's black. So I guess Jezebel doesn't think she is important.
All these protests for the rights of black criminals. Male. Black Criminals. But when the  Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said they didn't have enough evidence to charge white lawyer Rubenstein, there was no outrage. No charges of white/lawyerly bias. And Al Sharpton, who makes a living being outraged by white people mistreating black people...nothing. 
All the civil rights groups tweeting out support for Iasha Rivers...nothing.
The war on women? If there is a war, it's apparent it's the left shooting us down. Take liberal Linda Stasi, columnist at New York Daily News - who did bother to write about the accusation, and said Iasha was at fault for KNOWING Al Sharpton hangs around with slime balls and Iasha deserved it because she allowed herself to get drunk (what is she didn't get drunk? What if she was slipped a drug and the New York DA is covering up for his liberal buddy?). The hypocrisy of the left is amazing - I hope Iasha Rivers realizes the mistake she made wasn't in believing in civil rights, it was believing Democrats actually care. They don't. They will sell out in a second for the sake of power, money, street cred.  
Is it because she's not a man? Is it because she's a smart woman who works and doesn't make a living deal drugs or stealing? 
The bottom line is this - Al Sharpton is a dirty, filthy, man who exploits black people, black women, and makes his living inciting hate. 
He turned on his employee. He turned on a 'sister' in favor of an equally dirty, corrupt 'mister' - but I guess because Sanford Rubenstein is rich, white is right. 
The spiral downward of America and our character, our ability to trust those in charge, lands squarely in the lap of those who "lead" our country. 
And the person who 'leads' our country is best friends with Al Sharpton (gee - Obama has young daughters who could grow up to look like Iasha Rivers...)
Al Shartpon, who owes millions in back taxes (meanwhile small family businesses are being locked down and extorted). 
Al Sharpton has been accused by Eric Garner's family of exploiting them for his own purpose (money and power).
Corporations have accused Al Sharpton of extorting them for cash in exchange for not attacking them using his "grass roots" protesters to harass them with racism charges. 
Corruption clings to Al Sharpton like spider webs in dark corners of a tall ceiling. 
Anywhere you see Al Sharpton, someone is being paid off and someone is being bought someone is being bribed.  
The mayor of Baltimore welcomed Al Sharpton and praised him. After. of course, she made sure the police did not offend looters and rioters. After of course, she said criminals should be given space to destroy. 
We can never know what happened between Iasha Rivers and Sanford Rubenstein. But from the media silence, and more importantly, Al Sharpton and NAN silence's after Iasha River's sexual assault,  we can for sure say one thing; Al Sharpton doesn't care about justice for blacks - he only cares about the color green. 
The more division he creates between black vs white, everyone vs cops,  - the more his crony pal's at the White House will be called in to 'control' the chaos. 
I don't know Iasha Rivers - but I can only imagine how heart broken she is that a cause she once believed in totally turned against her when she did the right thing. 
Where's the justice and outrage for Iasha Rivers?
Well, I guess she'll have to have a sex change operation, sell drugs, steal, and then be killed by a white cop. Because, according to liberal media, the civil rights movement, Jezebel, NOW, NAN, and Al Sharpton, a black woman being raped by a rich white guy is justice.
Hands Up For Al Sharpton - so he can take your wallet. Legs up for creepy Sanford Rubenstein so he can assault you. Eyes down when you see truth - because apparently, it will blind you. 

"Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents... pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan." ~Abraham Lincoln