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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rudolph Keitt - A Tale Of Criminal Character

Rudolph Keitt 
You may have missed this story because of the Amtrak accident in Philly.
On May 12th, Tuesday afternoon, according to Philly News, 4 Police Officers were injured when the driver of a car lost control and tried to run them over.
Rudolph Keitt was the driver, and police ended up shooting him (because he had crashed into a fire truck, other cars, and had hit 4 cops) to stop the threat to innocent bystanders.  
Of course, Keitt's family is blaming his erratic actions   on the fact he has a history of seizures and had open heart surgery (last year). 
There will be outrage as a medical excuse is used to justify the fact Keitt tried to run over cops. 
But let's not forget that if you have active seizures, for the safety of the public, you are not legally allowed to drive. So why was he driving if he is 'prone to seizures'? 
Also, Keitt has a long criminal history; Kevin Keitt (his brother) acknowledged Rudolph had an "extensive" criminal history.
Rudolph Keitt's record includes charges of aggravated assault and carrying a firearm without a license in 1991, resisting arrest in 1995, and a drug-dealing charge in 2010. According to court records, he was convicted of the assault, firearms, and drug charges, and pleaded guilty to resisting arrest.

Let's see, if the cops wouldn not have tried to stop Keitt  - he could have killed innocent bystanders, including children, and the cops would be blamed for not stopping him.  

Also - who paid for his previous heart surgery? Were his heart problems caused by drug use? If so, who paid for his heart surgery? I hope he used the money he made from selling drugs to pay his hospital bills. There are more people that don't break the law, live a good life, and can't afford life saving surgeries because they aren't 'poor' enough - there are many military vets who have serious medical problems but get ignored - something is inherently wrong with this picture. People talk about 'fairness' - and 'justice' - how is it that a criminal receives medical care while honorable, law abiding, courageous men and women are not only ignored by the Veterans Administration  -but have died from being ignored

Imagine that Keitt had driven onto the Amtrak train tracks and caused the derailment that happened - what then? 
Well, the BEM (Black Exploitation Machine of Al Sharpton and Obama Admin) would have said that 6 deaths and almost 200 injured were caused by Oppression and somehow, they would justify the deaths of the Amtrak victims, claim it will take more government to save us, and erect a statue to Rudolph Keitt. 

It's really time to take Martin Luther Jr's suggestion to heart: "Judge a person on his character, not his color."

Keitt's character was one of corruption. Perhaps he was 'trying to get his life back on the right path' - but I won't rush to judge the men and women who risked their lives, and now their careers, because they acted quickly to stop a threat to the public, even though the police have become the favorite villain of the media and the Obama administration.

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― Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934