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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No Pooping On Your Neighbors Lawn

Where I live, there are no sidewalks in our neighborhood.
I clean up after our dogs.
Today, I  noticed this sign in a neighbors yard.
Here's my beef.
These are the same neighbors that preach compassion! tolerance! More people should share what they have!
Except, lawns, I guess.
And poo on the lawn is not to be tolerated.
Criminals, yes. We can tolerate criminals. But poo on the lawn? NO!!!
I would not appreciate poo on my lawn, either, but I'd take care of it the old fashioned way: I'd talk to the offenders. Or better, I'd pick up the poop and put it on their doorstep if it was an ongoing problem.
This is part of the root problem in America; instead of talking to who-ever is leaving poop in their yard, put up a passive/aggressive sign! Which has just the opposite affect on me. It's almost like a beacon: "We take deposits!"