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Monday, May 2, 2016

Review Of Andrea Tantaros Book "Tied Up In Knots"

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I was very excited to get this book (I actually got the audible version). I was so excited, I wrote to the publishing company last month to ask about getting an advanced copy (they never responded).
I'm very torn as to how many stars to leave. Some parts I really liked, some parts, not so much.
I loved Dana Perino's book.
I hated Gretchen Carlson's.
I love that Andrea is a strong woman and does not follow the straight line of the party.
What I didn't like about the book:
The only thing I learned about was Tinder. I've heard about it, though had no idea it was so...caveman brain. Horrible!
Andrea throws a-lot of shade at women she has worked with. However, she doesn't name them (except for Mika Brez.). Listen, I firmly believe that if someone has done you wrong, you should absolutely call them out. It will make people think twice about the way they treat people. If we hold our tongues, remain silent, there is little chance the person has reasons to change.
I was disappointed she didn't name the people she had problems with. I understand why,'s the rub: Andrea touts being tough, strong,and opinionated, but then doesn't name names.
I wish she had told us more about her journey in life. I would have loved to hear more of her life growing up/college/etc.
She refers to the Bible at times. And yet, she's very honest in that she, like many women, have sex outside marriage.
Here is my problem: This book is all about honoring tradition and, as women, respecting ourselves. I don't think Andrea realizes quite yet that she is saying one thing, but doing another. She is trying to straddle both worlds, and this is what causes conflict in our personal life.
She really doesn't say anything new or life changing.
There are very few details in the book that I didn't already know about her.
The Pros:
I loved the bits about her mother and father. Here is where the book really felt authentic, honest, emotional. I just wish there had been much more about them.
I loved the truth she spoke about Mika!
It was interesting that she gave us a bit of a look into her love life. WHO IS UNCLE RICO???
I'm glad she addressed Porn and Tinder. I doubt there are any Conservatives that would (except Gutfeld).
After having listened to the book, I feel I actually like her less. Her horrible temper-tantrums with earlier boyfriends. Her insistence that one of her boyfriends marries her (and then when he didn't want to, she broke up and decided that maybe getting married is NOT for her after all). The audible version has her coming off as somewhat materialistic and a bit demanding. There are authors I've read that make me feel I would gladly love to have a beer with them. Andrea isn't one of those people: I'd worry she'd be quietly judging me the whole time.
I still admire her work ethic and that she seems to not simply follow party lines; I LOVE that.
Would I recommend it?
That's difficult. I'd say borrow it if you can. If you don't have the money to spend, don't. But if you do, go for it.
It won't keep you up at night - and there really is little here that is a revelation.
And perhaps the book version is better than the audio. In the audio, she reads it herself, and though she does a good job, at times when she's repeating conversations, it's hard to know who is who.
I think I would have given this 3 stars, but I'm going to give 4 because I know there will be many "tolerant" liberals who haven't even read the book leaving 1 stars. So to help her with the haters, I'm bumping it up to 4.