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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Nonsense Democrat Viral Post About Trump; A FACTUAL Rebuttal

I noticed this post on FB circulating; it is a plant from Daily Kos and the ironic thing is, attributed to  it is filled with nothing but emotional opinionated talking points with no facts and it ends with an elitist reminder that Trump supporters offer nothing but “thin” arguments. Yet, none of the ‘arguments’ in this Progressive Opinion are backed with any facts!

I bring you a rebuttal:

1) Bill Clinton didn’t just “cheat” on his wife. Bill Clinton repeatedly said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” He continued to say that until tapes came out to prove otherwise. He is serial liar and cheater. Any woman that would continue to stand by him is sending a message to women that it’s okay for a man to disrespect and dishonor his wife, his marriage.
Not only was there Monica Lewinsky, there was Gennifer Flowers – (an affair for 12 years with Bill Clinton)  Juanita Broderick (whom he raped), and Paula Jones who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton and he settled with her for 850.000.00
He was impeached for lying. Not cheating.

Trump never sexually assaulted any woman. He has been married and divorced. Has he cheated? Who knows. But a major difference is he was a business man – not a man who worked in politics. Politics, where the main goal is to protect and help the citizens. Bill Clinton’s treatment of women and Hillary’s (and now Huma’s!) ignorance does not help nor protect.

2) Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. Hillary Clinton was warned weeks prior to Benghazi attack that they needed extra security. Then Hillary lied after the attack and stated that is was caused by a Youtube video (later proved false) and also blamed it on a “spontaneous attack.” This attack occurred during a Presidential Election; it was very important that she (nor the Democrat Party) appear incompetent, which is why they lied. I watched the Benghazi Hearings. It was moving. The testimony of  - and Hillary admitted Ambassador Stevens didn’t have her personal email, but Ben Affleck did.   That, is really, all you need to know to understand what is important to Hillary Clinton.  ***Note – Hillary Clinton skipped touring flood stricken Louisiana in 2016, instead, she went fundraising
This Progressive Comment states Republicans were in office when over 200 die in Embassy attacks…hmm, where is the link to this? What, exactly, is it referencing?
Were there attacks on other embassies during other administrations? Absolutely, yet there are valid reasons to treat Benghazi differently from earlier attacks.
"Is Benghazi different? Absolutely," said Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and an adjunct assistant professor in Georgetown University’s security studies program. One reason, he said, is that an American ambassador died in the attack, which hadn’t happened since the 1970s. Another relevant question, Gartenstein-Ross said, "is whether what happened was put to the American people in an honest manner, not just with respect to the administration, but also with respect to the intelligence community."Gartenstein-Ross added that he wasn’t endorsing "how the Republicans go about" investigating this question. But he did say it’s a "real, legitimate question."
"As always, what causes the problem is not so much what happens, but the response to it," said Theodore R. Bromund, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "‘If the administration had come out shortly after the attack and said, ‘Our consulate was attacked by organized Islamist forces, and we will pursue these terrorists and bring them to justice, one way or the other,’ I very much doubt there would be much juice in these hearings, if indeed they were being held at all."
3) Immigrants don’t pay taxes. Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes.
Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Google, George Lucas, Facebook – all “dodge” taxes. Some dodge illegally, some dodge by using the tax loopholes. Here’s a long list of other liberals that don’t pay taxes. Oh,and while we’re talking tax dodging. Let’s talk about the Clinton Foundation. A non-profit. Which, in of itself, is simply a “front” organization used to bring in money and avoid paying taxes. If you want to be truly informed about the Clinton Cash scandals, which is far more serious than taxes, read Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer or watch the documentary for free online.
Trump is not calling for persecution of illegals, in fact, he is trying to make the path less confusing for illegals to gain citizenship. However, his first priority is to protect Americans by making sure that illegals entering into our Country are documented and free of disease, criminal records, and connection with terrorist ties. Boston Bombers, San Bernardino, Orlando Shooting, all had terrorist ties, and all were overlooked or ignored by the Obama Administration.
Hillary claims she “took a 700K” loss and was “broke” when she came out of the White House. Which, if true, only supports the fact she is incompetent.
    4) Hillary did NOT take responsibility about having a private server until AFTER wikileaks revealed a trove of leaked emails that she was well aware of the fact she knew it was illegal and a security breach to have a private server.
Again, as someone who has been in politics all her life, and someone who was the Head of the State department, to have had such a breach in security under her watch, shows not only her incompetence, but her lack of respect for the American people and her total corruption.
Has Trump said things that are embarrassing? Absolutely. Which is what makes him different.
Politicians are experts at spin; they can make you believe anything despite the cold, hard, facts. It’s also easy to do when you have a group of people pretending to be journalists, but they are nothing but public relations artists.
Republicans and Democrats fear Trump, because he represents that the long held mold of “pay to play” might (hopefully) come to an and. That politicians’ will now have to fear the people, instead of controlling the people BY instilling fear.
Could Trump perhaps, find better wording than “Build That Wall!” – Yes, he could. But then that would make him a politician.
I don’t want a career spinner like a Clinton in the office. Or like one of the Third Party Candidates.  I want a person who understands the things that make America Great; Independence, Courage, Honesty, Putting FAMILY FIRST (our Veterans, Americans, Police).  Business made America great, not federally funded “cradle to grave” “womb to tomb” programs!
The Real Hillary Clinton is found in Wikileaks.
The Real Donald Trump is found by watching him at any rally.
I’d rather put my trust in what I can see and know; rather than put my trust in a person/party who have funded their wealth by doing one thing, and saying something completely different.
Who profits from the surrender of reason and liberty? Politicians.
And one thing everyone can agree on, Trump, is no politician.