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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Curse of Chalfont

The Curse of Chalfont - A Serial Haunted Mystery

In the small town of Chalfont, Pennsylvania, things start to go wrong when Lola Hobbs and her grandmother, Ethel, move into the brand new apartment building on Main Street: Patriot Station. All around the sleepy town of Chalfont, snakes are turning up dead on the roads, foxes are spotted during the day, spider webs have been spun from tree to tree, making adults and children cry out when they unsuspectingly walk through the silken threads. What appear to be stains of oil on the road become stains of blood in the light of day.
The firehouse alarm goes off at all times during the day and night, though there is no emergency, and four repairmen swear there is nothing wrong with the system. 
Ethel has done her research on Chalfont, and warned Lola it's a bad decision to move.  But Lola doesn't believe in ghosts or curses or evil. She only believes in baking, and making people happy. So when she takes a job as head baker in a restaurant that is opening in a converted church directly across from the apartments, Lola thinks her life will finally settle down. And maybe her grandmother will be more free spirited like she once was.
But Lola soon finds out her grandmother may have been right, not just about Chalfont being a bad spot to move, for there might not just be spirits and ghosts haunting Chalfont, but residents are mysteriously dying or being killed.
Lola makes plans to leave, but those plans are thwarted when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder. Lola, with the help of Ethel, and some other quirky residents, know in order to clear her name, they must break the Curse of Chalfont, before the evil claims more victims.

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