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Monday, April 9, 2018

Beach Body on Demand Day 13

UPDATE: Did not keep up with it. A waste of money for me. My problem though, no fault of the company! 

My Beach Body on Demand is NOT going so well, not because of a lack of videos, but because of the dreaded cold/flu going around. And I'm a pussy (can I even say that word?) and would rather stay in bed than workout like the amazing/dedicated people I know who push through.

My last workout (Yoga, I started with the week two, day one, because I like the woman trainer more than the guy trainer and I have been doing Yoga on and off for years) was on April 5.

Just wanted to update to let people know I haven't had any streaming problems so far. Also, I was worried that they might take more out than the 39.99 (for three months) after the 14 day trial, but they did not overcharge me. It is not very clear when you sign up and they reply by email that you will be charged only for the 3 month trial (there is a 6 month and year payment plan also).

Next update will be end of month!

Be well!