The only thing I take seriously is my Freedom. And Bacon.


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I believe we are all worthy of happiness. 
I believe that happiness comes from freedom. Freedom comes from Courage, and Courage comes from believing in yourself (see how that circle works?)
I believe that exploiters are replacing our backbones with wishbones and selling salvation in order to dis-empower us and create a culture of dependency.  
I believe America has confused leaders with deceivers.
I believe in community, not disunity.  
I believe we live in the most powerful time in history where we can be HEARD and not HERD. 
I believe people who dare to care about freedom, about happiness, about each other will wake up, stand up, speak up and expose those who prey on innocent people. I believe we need to encourage other people to sound the warning call if they truly care about their community.

My Seven Truths: 

       1.Apathy limits opportunity; awareness and action limits the opportunists.
       2. Knowledge is power. 
       3. Actions speak louder than words
       4. Keep It Simple - unless you want to confuse and disempower people, then make it as complicated as possible.
       5.  I only chase drinks and dreams, not people. 
       6. The Only Free Cheese is in A Mousetrap
        7. You teach people how to treat you.
        8.  Happiness, Not Helplessness.